University of New Hampshire RD 2023 International Thread

Hey! I just got accepted at UNH with presidential+10k scholarships. I wonder what is the average scholarship Out there. Has anybody heard about scholarships?

@zwonxx I’ve heard about scholarships also.
I missed the presidential scholarship by 10 SAT points, but got Dean’s scholarship (6k) and around 20k additionally. I don’t know what I did to deserve that. (1380 / 4.1 / Mass. )

what are the aditional scholarship of 20k related to @Intellectualpine ? how much are you going to pay additionally?

I’m not an international student, so I shouldn’t really be in this thread now that I think about it. It’s labeled as “UNH non-resident tuition grant” because I am out of state. The cost to attend out of state is 45k, I got 27k outside of loans so i will pay 18k a year.