University of New Haven (OOS)

I got a phone call yesterday, and I got accepted into the Dental Hygiene (B.S) program at the University of New Haven in CT. I also got a $16,000 renewable scholarship. Is the school worth the money?

I would go to UConn or better…the university has a very bad reputation and I went here myself and transferred to George Washington. The university has a terrible reputation among the locals and Yale students…a lesson I learned the hard way. The university is clearly underfunded and the financial office is a nightmare. UNH is basically like a community college. What this university needs to do is invest in getting better quality faculty, ditch Sodexo and contract with a better and healthier college food supplier and design a career center. I hate to sound so harsh but the decision to go to college is one of the most significant financial decisions you will make in your life and I would hate to see someone spend four years at a college that doesn’t really help them get a job. The University of Connecticut blows Fairfield, UNH and all those places out of the water. Plus you’re still considered pretty smart if you at least go to Uconn