University of Pittsburgh Class of 2025 Official Discussion Thread

Hi all,

My son applied last week using the Pitt Application - fee payed, SRAR completed. Can anyone comment on how long it takes to get an email with information on logging into the portal?

For me it took 4 business days from
the time I submitted via Common App. The email came from

@hailtopitt1787 Can you please let us know if the admissions committee has started to review applications and when we can expect to receive an admissions decision? Thank you.

Hey, I’m an OOS Student applying to Pitt :slight_smile:

@stemkidz Yes they have, it takes 4-6 weeks to receive a decision. Good luck!

My buttons just changed today! I applied August 10th, but my ACT score didn’t go through until the 21st

Congratulations @burgundy8 ! I am still anxiously waiting. I applied via Common App on Aug 24. Do you mind sharing your stats?

GPA: 4.381, ACT: 31 (36R,34E,24M(yikes, i know),31S, 10W). I was only able to take it once in December before I submitted, cuz corona cancelled three of my tests. I got into Dietrich and I’m a psych major (undeclared as of now because it’s A&S)

Hello @burgundy8 ! My buttons changed today too, do you know if that means I was accepted?

pretty sure!

@burgundy8 congratulations! I still need to submit my app (Probably going to submit next week).

thank you!

congratulations @sammysalz! Do you mind sharing when you applied and stats? I’m getting nervous that everyone else seems to be hearing back except me :frowning:

Thanks for sharing @burgundy8. It’s good to hear that acceptances are rolling in and keeping our fingers crossed for the rest of us still waiting. Please let us know when you get the acceptance video and the actual letter in the mail so we have some idea of timeline :smile:

Congrats to the acceptances!

Those that have sent in applications without test scores (my daughter has none due to cancellations)… did you send letters of rec and include your common app essay? In the past, Pitt never looked at that but I think they do so now with the policy change to test optional.

I hope this question makes sense: My daughter applied and received an email with a one time link to set up her log in and password. She clicked on the link and set that up. However, she never got a link about where the login and password is actually used. Does that make sense? What is she signing into with this login and password?She has emailed Pitt (many weeks ago) but has not gotten a response.

I’m submitting today! OOS Student, 3.92uw/4.61 w GPA, 1520 SAT. Major: Electrical Engineering :smiley:

@jdsacco can you ask your daughter to try to use the login and password on the Pitt PS Mobile App and see if it works? It is

@stemkidz - that worked, thank you! She was able to get in. Will they contact her through this for acceptance/non-acceptance?

@vannevka Did you get an answer to this? Our high school manages apps through Naviance and for Pitt it does not give the option to include rec letters. I was unclear whether we should include the Common App essay, don’t know if Pitt sees it or not. Thanks