University of Pittsburgh Class of 2025 Official Discussion Thread

Okay, figured I would fire this up to get the “official discussion” started! Welcome everyone!

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I know you must be so incredibly busy fielding questions from the incoming class. But I am hoping to get some insight on the test optional policy recently announced for next round of applicants who are applying to Dietrich.

I’m aware that this policy was “piloted” with the branch campuses for fall 2020. And it would truly take much stress off of students who have not been able to test at all yet and who also possibly face additional cancellations should they keep making attempts. But given the uncertainty of the current times, it would be nice to have some reassurance regarding the “comprehensive individual review.”

Any thoughts you could share would be most appreciated. I’m the parent of one those “yet to test at all” students who would apply this weekend if he had been able to test during one of the five previous times he has tried to.

Much thanks in advance for any response you may have. Again, I know you’re dealing with lots of stressed out folks right now. :blush:

Thanks for starting this, InfiniteWaves! My dd is very interested in Pitt too but I am in a different situation. She actually took the ACT completely cold, unprepared, essentially as a practice in the fall of her junior year. So she has an ok score of 29 but she is an excellent student and I think her grades and rigor are “better” than that and she would have scored higher if she had prepared a bit and retaken. It’s within Pitt’s admitted scores according to Niche but on the lower side. So I don’t know if she should submit or not submit!

Pitt has a virtual event Friday to talk about this year’s admission cycle since the app opens on Saturday and I am hoping they address the testing issue.

My daughter has yet to test as well–even showed up to test center with 100s of other kids on July 18 to find out from a paper taped to door that it was cancelled. Nice head’s up!

I’m most concerned about how the lack of a test score–or even a one-time mediocre score–will effect scholarship awards.

My D has Pitt on top of her list of colleges that she will apply in the Fall. She did take SAT last December and was going to take ACT in March 2020. After couple of cancellations, she is still waiting for ACT folks to open up for registration. She also registered for SAT subject tests, scheduled on 8/29 , which we have to drive her to the next county for the sitting. Hopefully, they are not cancelling it.

We are all in the same boat in the pandemic but hopefully, things will get better !!!

Hail to Pitt :slight_smile:

Thanks @InfiniteWaves for making this forum. It’s finally Class of 2025’s turn!

I sympathize with everyone here regarding testing. I was scheduled to take my first ACT test in June and has been pushed back many times. With the application season about to roll in, I hate not having a score or even a definite testing date.

My D too has not tested yet. Scheduled for ACT twice and SAT once all cancelled. She is now scheduled for SAT at the end of August and supposed to have a school wide one in Sept. But who knows… She wants to go into nursing, I cannot tell if TO is also for students applying to Nursing at Pitt? Does anyone know?

@srwcmw Unfortunately, I think TO only applies to students applying to Dietrich right now. It might change if testing keeps being cancelled. But if your daughter wants to get her application in early, I’d call them to find out what they suggest she does.

I hate to pull this thread off the topic of TO, and y’all can ignore me if you would like, but does anyone know how to tell if I will get any merit money? I’ve looked at their website and I seem to hit all the requirements for the full tuition, but I have no clue how common those are or if it is a longshot to get.

Merit money is not automatic. The highest level scholarships are very competitive and you must be invited to apply and even lower amounts of merit often don’t seem to make sense. You can look at last years thread to see how merit was distributed. There was one poster last year who received no merit despite very high stats - he is headed to MIT.

Attended the virtual admissions event with S21 today. Addressed all of our questions and concerns. Highly recommend if there are more scheduled.

Highly recommend that the student take and submit SAT/ACT test scores?

@frostymom It was made clear that (other than the School of Nursing), Pitt is very much test optional for this admissions cycle and rolling admissions as it always has been. Those wishing to apply for nursing can contact the school if they truly can’t get a test score.

I was very impressed with how the virtual session went. Several representatives from the school were involved. Lots of questions were fielded… and answered.

Agree, great virtual session. We were unable to get into a breakout room as we never got a text. We had some more questions about supplemental material. Changes to this year’s app??—Letters of rec required this year? Common app or coalition essay required along with Pitts short answer questions? Will ECs be included in app this year? Or is that all for those who can’t submit test scores? Maybe I’m missing that info on website but I have name of our admissions rep so will reach out to him.

To anyone that has applied test optional so far: when you look at your Pitt Passport (Pitt PS Mobile), does it still say SAT/ACT scores under the To-Do list? I’m wondering if it says that for everyone who didn’t submit any SAT/ACT scores and selected test optional or just me.

S21 is applying to Pitt Engineering and is only interested in main campus. Does anyone remember in the Admissions Info Session if it said anything about a student automatically being considered for Arts and Sciences if they are rejected from Engineering? I sent SAT scores because he did well in math section (just meh in verbal). Thanks for any info. Good luck everyone. We loved Pitt when we visited twice with D17 who ended up at Tulane but also loved Pitt.

Disregard my question above. I received a prompt reply with the answer to my question from S21"s Pitt rep when I sent the question through the Pitt portal. Students who are not accepted at the “school” of their choice have to ask to be reconsidered for another school and have to go through the admissions committee again. Good luck everyone!

hello all. i applied to pitt on the 10th and i submitted my act score on the 4th. my score still hasn’t arrived as it says SAT/ACT are “To do” in my portal. does anyone know when they’ll arrive?

Hello all!! Pitt is on S top colleges list. We looking to make the SAT on 8/28 after earlier ones got cancelled.
OOS and 3.9UWGPA with high APs and some EC.

My son applied today! Yay…only thing is he only put some of his AP exam scores on there. Will this matter do you think? I’m an overthinker so I had him go ahead and send all the Ap scores/SAT score through college board.