University of Pittsburgh Class of 2026 Official Discussion Thread

In the past,room assignments and roommates have come out in July so it should be soon.

Kids who attended Panther Connect this weekend were told that they would start notifying today.

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Excellent. Thank you for this info

I don’t have first hand information, but multiple kids said it.

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Agh! Maybe tomorrow! I was so hopeful!

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Confirmed from Panther Central they are being sent today. “Rolling distribution due to volume but keep checking throughout the day”


Thank you!

Emails with housing assignments have started rolling out. If your student didn’t receive an email yet, you may be able to access the assignment through PittPay.

Now that the dorm assignments are out, I am leaning towards using ship2pitt. Any idea how reliable it is?

I asked a couple of people (sample size of 2). Both used it with success. One used it in 2020 and 2021 and the other in 2021.

Do you know if there is delivery confirmation? If I could be sure it made it — or even know that it didn’t — I would happily send any replaceable item.

Yes. UPS will notify you.

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Thanks for all the responses so far.

Any idea when they are mailing the IDs? We need the peoplesoft mumber given on student ID for ship2Pitt.

You should be able to see the PS number in your child’s account online.

Hi all,
I have two questions after submitting my Pitt application:

  1. When my account was activated today, I do not see my application in the Student Center. Did anyone have the same problem?
  2. I have chosen to apply test-optional in my application, but I still see SAT/ACT Scores in the the “View To Dos” list. Did anyone have the same problem?
    Thank you!

This is the thread for last year’s class (high school graduation of 2022). There is a Class of 2027 thread; you should probably post there.

Any idea when Fall Welcome Week schedule is going to be out? We were told it will come out in July but so far we haven’t heard anything.