University of Pittsburgh Class of 2026 Official Discussion Thread

Thought I would start this thread since it’s starting to be about time. D22 submitted her app on 8/3, finalized 8/18. Any 2025 moms want to discuss the buttons, because I think we have them already!?!


I’m somewhat confused with the accept/decline admissions tab. Does it mean anything? Like 2 days ago I opened my portal and found a tab saying

Select either the Accept or Decline button to indicate your choice. You will then be asked to confirm your decision. Select the Previous button if you do not wish to make a selection at this time.
Application #

FYI, I submitted my app 8/27.


Last year this meant acceptance is why I was hoping for some guidance/confirmation. But that would be really fast if you submitted 8/27 so not I am not sure if it’s a glitch?

Exactly my thought. No way decisions are made that quickly, as even their own website states that it takes 4-6 weeks.

There were ppl last year that got answers in a week or so but that would be super fast for your situation. There goes my excitement lol. Oh well.

Just a quick follow up, my daughter’s decision letter is loaded in the “document center” hyperlink from the email she got after confirming her app was complete. She is IN!!!

Test Optional
3.98 UW GPA
4 APs, 14 honors
Solid ECs and LOR
Strong Essay
In State
School of Nursing with GAP to Masters/Doctorate in Nursing


Congratulations!! A couple of other people have already received their decisions too. We’re still waiting. The application was complete on 8/7 so really hoping for a decision this coming week!


D submitted app 8/3, transcript went 8/13, LOR 8/17 so I’m sure any day!:crossed_fingers:t2:

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My daughter applied on 8/20. No buttons yet, so I’m sure it’s still under review. It’s only been 2 weeks. She also applied to Pitt Honors, so I’m wondering if it will take her longer to find out if she was accepted? And, if she doesn’t get into Pitt Honors will it tell her if she is still admitted to Pitt?

Not sure. My D didn’t apply to honors. But good news is they’re working on things, so shouldn’t be long!

My son just applied today. He will do his SRAR as soon as he gets the link. Praying for a fast reply. Good luck to everyone!

Congrats to everyone omg!! I have a question, super dumb when I think about it, but I was just wanting to make sure that I can submit my UPitt application right now?

You can submit your application as soon as you’re finished with everything you need and confident that all information is correct. Personally, I submitted mine 8/27 and got my decision yesterday.


Got it ! thank you so much! Best of luck to you :grin:

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@friendsgreenwich Wow! That was fast if you’ve already been accepted! Did you self-report? Submit test scores? Congratulations on finding out so quickly!

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Hi! I was accepted , so I hope I can be of help to you and everyone on this thread.

Did you self-report? Submit test scores?

Unfortunately Pitt requires that official scores be sent directly from CB or ACT, so I paid the fee. If you’re using the Pitt application you can only indicate the date you took the exam(s), not the scores which should be sent in the form of an official score report. I don’t know the deal with the Common App or Coalition, though - what I believe is that they will not access the self-reported scores should you opt with the Common App/Coalition, and you will need to send official scores.

My son hasn’t received an email with link to SRAR. Does anyone know if we can still go ahead and create it directly from their website or does he need to wait for them to provide the link?

I don’t believe my daughter waited for a link. She logged into SRAR and added Pitt from there if I recall correctly. Certainly could try?

Thank you so much for the info! Will let him know

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He was able to complete his Upitt SRAR and submitted it. Thanks!
Now, how can he check his application status? His common app only says ‘submitted’. I was under the impression applicants would receive login credentials to portal right after submitting applications.

Again, thanks so much!

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