University of Pittsburgh Class of 2026 Official Discussion Thread

Same here

My daughter applied 11/1 and just heard back this morning. Acceptance letter dated 1/12 to School of Computing and Information for computer science. It also stated if you submitted completed application by December 1, you will hear abt merit no later than March 1.


I submitted my application on 17th November and realised i had to fill the SRAR so I completed that by 7th December. When do y’all think I can here abt my rolling decision?

Glad to see acceptances and merit coming in now for those who applied in November!

I’m suspecting that those who applied early (Aug - early October), things were normal over at Pitt. The turnaround was about 2 weeks after an application was complete. Merit for some back then was received in 2-4weeks.

Then they got hit with a record breaking number of applications. I want to congratulate again any one who has an acceptance and / or merit. It’s an achievement. Your students should feel accomplished, even if Pitt is a safety for them. We are thrilled with my D22s acceptance and the GAP to Pitt Law.

Now, merit may be getting the squeeze because some who applied Augm-Oct. are still waiting to hear, and there are all of the record breaking number of applicants to consider as well.

Couple of thoughts: 1. Will merit now be more focused on who gets into Honors?
2. Will merit offered to a student who does not matriculation be re-offered to a different student?

We are waiting to hear any day if D22 has advanced or not in the Stamps and Nordenberg Scholarship process. That’s another wrinkle. Will those kids who have been a part of that process receive any merit if told they are not advancing?


Does anyone have more details on the new Public Health major for the fall? My D22 was admitted in early September into Dietrich but definitely loves the idea of a dual major with Public Health.

Also, is there a Honors College admitted day or anything unique if accepted into the HC for admitted tour? Trying to figure out if we should travel before or wait until results come out?

Here is some new information about the new undergrad Public Health major in our local paper just a couple days ago. My S19 is a double major with a minor and is also getting a certificate so if your D22 is a hard worker and is willing to take 18 credits every semester and maybe even go a couple of summers, it’s possible to do a double major. It sounds like Pitt is still working out the details of the new major. S19 is a member of the Honors College but I don’t know if they have any welcome stuff. He committed to Pitt in late July of 2019.

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My DD is the same way

Great post! My OOS son applied October 26, got admitted in 2 weeks, Nov 12, but we still haven’t heard about merit. He applied for Honors college too. Really wondering at this point if merit will be offered


You are welcome

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I was on a zoom call for parents of accepted students in October and the rep said you can hear about merit through February.


My D22 applied 11/1 and accepted 1/13
No word on Honors acceptance or Merit scholarships


Received from Pitt at the bottom of acceptance letter:
“When will I hear about Pitt Scholarships?
Students submitting a completed application for admission, along with their personal statement or Common Application essay, by December 1, are automatically reviewed for merit scholarships. The Scholarship Committee meets from October through February and reviews admitted candidates on a weekly basis. It is not uncommon for the Committee to review a student’s credentials several times before making a final decision. Therefore, while some students are informed of a scholarship award shortly after being admitted, many more are not notified until much later. All students selected to receive a scholarship will be notified no later than March 1.”


Thank you so much for confirming what we’ve expected

Did she get email about her acceptance?

Apologies - I cannot locate where I saw something about the accept/decline buttons. My daughter applied Oct 31. Portal has said consistently under application status “pending.” Just turned to “application complete” on Friday. Then under Accept/Decline Admissions - that page completely changed and lists Dietrich Arts and Sciences and has the accept and decline buttons on the bottom left.

Her document portal though remains unchanged with a letter that’s been there since November and no email. She called the office on Friday and they said it doesn’t mean anything.


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Yes, email with portal link. Letter from admission is the the document center.

She is accepted with the buttons and school listed. On the app, it will have much more. Pitt PS Mobile app. Congrats!

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Does anyone else have a dashboard then click admit button, then that says “You do not have any pending applications at this time.” I’m freaking out! I had checked with them Dec 1 and they said they received all documents and application. S applied 11/26

it’s there for me too , chill , it’s normal

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She did get accepted :slight_smile: and to the honors college as well:) has anyone heard about The Chancellor’s Scholarship semi-finalists?