University of Pittsburgh Class of 2027 Official Discussion Thread

Hi all. I just submitted my application using the Pitt application. I have two questions:

  1. I automatically received a fee waiver of $55. Did anyone see the same issue?
  2. I selected Medicine GAP, but I did not see my selection on my final application after I submitted it. Did anyone see the same issue?

Thank you.


Hi all,
I have a question after submitting my Pitt application. When my account was activated yesterday, I do not see my application in the Student Center. There is a message “You do not have any applications at this time.” Did anyone have the same problem?
Thank you.

Have you already received your Pitt portal login information? My daughter applied on 8/1 when the application opened but is still waiting for the email to access the Pitt portal.

What is the acceptance rate for Pitt?

Here’s a page with information about acceptance rate and typical stats of students offered admission:

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For the incoming freshman class of 2026, there were 52,747 applications with 25,535 admits. This is a 48% acceptance rate. Last admissions cycle brought a huge influx of applicants to Pitt. The only advise I can share is to get your application in early.

You can check out the details on the class of 2026 profile by visiting the Pitt online-orientation link. Good luck everyone. H2P!

(University of Pittsburgh - Online Orientation)


yes, I did. But I did not see any thing in the Student Center. Did you see anything or update?

Very helpful. Thanks. I did apply early but no update yet.

Wow, got lucky on the yield rate this year. When 4,900 enrolled out of 23,000 accepted in the class of 2025 it really impacted first-year housing availability. I was concerned that something similar would happen this year when I read that Pitt accepted 25,000+ for the class of 2026. Relieved that only 4,400 enrolled.

We are still waiting for access to the portal. My daughter called this morning, and they told her it could take 2-3 weeks which seems like a long time. Has anyone applied through the Common App and received access yet? She applied on 8/1 and completed the SRAR on 8/2. She thought she would have heard something by now, even if only an acknowledgment that the application was sent.

Same boat here. No acknowledgement at all; applied 8/1 Common App, completed SRAR 8/2.

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I still did not see anything in my portal. It is empty. Maybe they have received many applications which causes a delay.

Yes, it’s quite possible that they received a LOT of applications in the first week.

We tuned in to the video chat with admissions last week, and I seem to remember one of the admissions folks reassuring a nervous applicant that it’s ok to submit later in August, since they don’t start reading the applications until the beginning of September. Maybe that’s why you don’t have portal access yet.

He does.
He talks of the portal.

I just saw this from Pitt website:

The Common Application is currently experiencing a delay in providing student information to the University of Pittsburgh. Students applying to the University through the Common Application may experience a delay in receiving the application confirmation email from Once students receive the confirmation email, we recommend completing the Self Reported Academic Record (SRAR) as soon as possible. Students applying through the Common App will receive a custom link within the confirmation email to complete their SRAR.

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Thanks for posting this! My D just got an email a few minutes ago with login credentials. Nothing is there when she logs in, but hopefully we will see some updates in the coming weeks.

My kid will be applying U Pitt and then Honors college. Can someone confirm if honors essay is 200-300 words maximum?

Good news. Nothing in my portal. Did she have any items on the To Dos list in the portal?

I did not apply for Honors.

Nothing on the ToDo list, but I read that it takes some time for them to get everything uploaded and connected before they determine what is still needed.