University of Rhode Island

<p>Hello everyone!
I was admitted to URI's BFA program, and I'm having trouble finding much info on their program outside of the website. I'm visiting the school in a couple of weeks, but would really appreciate any and all information that any of you may have on their program, good and bad alike. Thanks so much!</p>

<p>Hi there-- my daughter visited URI last fall and sat in on two classes, saw a production, etc. It’s a small program but the professors seemed terrific, smart, dedicated and just a pleasure to be around. There’s also a lot of local theater in Rhode Island so the location is great. The campus is beautiful, and the students were very welcoming and friendly. So, she really liked it and will apply next year. It has no reputation but there was no question in my mind that it would be possible to get really immersed in theater there and learn a lot. Also–it’s on the Amtrak line from Boston to NYC. Good luck!</p>

<p>Any new info on this school?</p>

<p>Just that they sent a graduate to Yale School of Drama last year… I was impressed by that.</p>