University of Rhode Island

Anyone know when decisions come out?

When did you submit?

Early November

I think it will be in January. Just reviewed data from two years ago and most early submissions came towards the end of January. I know that we had ours by 1/31 with a financial package. What are your stats?

1320 sat , 3.6 gpa.

^Sorry I meant to ask your major. Nice stats. The only uncertain majors with those stats are probably Pharmacy (your SAT a little low) and Engineering (GPA a little low but SAT is good).

Edited And Nursing the average GPA is higher.

Psychology, I visited the school and just felt it was the right fit.

^I think that you get in with merit money. Really good feeling about this. Let us know in January. The waiting is tough. Hang in there. @Batchit

Thank you, fingers crossed…

Did anyone apply for the pharmacy program? Do you guys mind sharing your stats?
I have a 1520 SAT and a 3.76 UW GPA.

Applied for International Engineering Program (Industrial/German). 1540 SAT, 3.92 UW / 4.40 W GPA, 9 APs, National Merit Semi-finalist (Finalist pending).

EA decisions after 12 noon on Monday, 1/15/18

Received an email today 1/12 - to check status on 1/15 for addmission info

Is there anyone who applied EA but didn’t receive an e-mail? I didn’t get one.

My son did receive one but we know of another applicant who did not. Both applied EA.

I did not get one either.

Daughter got an email on Friday.

My acceptance was posted today 1/15, early am. Said to look in MAIL for official letter. Hope if there is an merit scholarship, it will be in the letter.

Mine is posted now, 7:30 am. Nothing fancy, just stating acceptance, and letter will follow in the mail.

Just checked the portal and it said I was accepted for chemical engineering!