University of Rhode Island


Question. Did your acceptance login say specifically “accepted for chemical engineering” or just “accepted”? Thanks

My son’s just said ‘accepted’ but above it in the box it lists what major he applied for.

Accepted to the Pharm D program! I’m so excited!!!
@2022Engineering : mine just had a table with my major and term on top, and just said “u’ve been accepted to URI” in the bottom.

accepted for data science

My daughter’s page said accepted into chem engineering

Also hoping the merit scholarships will be in the letter. I’ll update once the letter is received.

Web site was updated today - it says that any awarded merit, will be in the admissions letter that they will mail.

I don’t get it. Merit scholarship info should be provided with the admission decision (on the website). There is no reason to send it separately.

@enenalal do you mind I ask what we’re your stats?

@andma99 I had a 3.7 UW and 1520 SAT (EBRW 720 + Math 800).
I sent in three SAT subject tests (Korean: 800, Japanese: 710, Math2: 770 – didn’t do chem or bio!) I also had decent (not exceptional, but not-too-bad) EC’s, but nothing related to pharmacy

For those who may not have gotten an acceptance I’ve heard of one student’s e-campus account that stated they were ‘not approved’ but then later after further inquiry, found out they were in fact accepted.

Anyone get the acceptance letter yet?

My daughter got her acceptance in the mail today… per the requirents URI has she ‘qualified’ for a merit scholarship. But no mention in the letter or on the portal -does this mean we got nothing? I assumed if she qualified they’d offer one. I’m so disappointed. Anyone have any insight?

@kingbish We also received our letter. My son also qualifies. I believe they are going to send it after Feb 1.

@allysmom We Received an email last week, and today the letter in the mail.

We’re in MA. Accepted on portal Monday but still no letter at all.

@BeantownSchool We received the email / portal acceptance on 12th. We are in NJ - the letter came today. It was just an acceptance. There is no mention of merit etc…I have been told that comes later.’

Thx mags425, haven’t checked today’s mail yet.

Ok thanks (I’ll hold out hope as this is her favorite college). So your letter didn’t mention merit either?