University of Rhode Island

@kingbish Our letter did not mention anything about merit…

Son got letter today. OOS- Ocean Engineering. Centennial scholarshipof 13.5k/yr noted in letter

@goldendog1 could you post your son’s stats?

4.06 GPA, 30 ACT, Multiple AP/Honors, - Good EC’s 4 year varsity letter/captain, NHS, church volunteering

@goldendog1. Thanks and congrats to your son!

@kingbish - My daughter is an out of state senior who goes to URI. She is there on merit. As I recall just because a student fits the stats for merit it is not necessarily guaranteed. If you read the fine print they are also look for leadership and community service. My daughter is a twin, she got 11.5, her sister was accepted and was offered 18K , she applied for engineering. She decided to go to Penn State. The daughter with the higher offer had higher stats but they both had equally impressive EC’s.

Acceptance Letter would say if you received Merit or scholarship but keep in mind not everyone decides to committ so it doesn’t hurt to ask for Merit closer to May 1

Wow just checked their website- Merit scholarships have really been lowered since the time my daughters applied.

Thanks, that’s helpful. I was aware of the last requirement, and she does meet that, and I knew nothing was guaranteed - I was just hopeful. Ok, I’ll assume we got nothing for now but I’ll call URI on Monday just to confirm. Thanks

@twinmom I have a senior at PSU and a senior in high school thinking about URI. Also applied to PSU. I know there are a lot of differences but what has been your experiience with URI?

My daughter just received her official letter today, and it did state her merit award,

My son was accepted but did not get any scholarship money. How do you officially “ask” and negotiate Merit (assuming we are still interested in April)?

My acceptance letter came in yesterday, and I was accepted to chemical engineering with 12k per year in scholarships, I’m OOS.

Have any RI residents received their acceptance letters? I see alot of OOS students posting but no in-state. We are in-state and have not received anything yet. Congrats to everyone on their merit awards!

@UMASSdad we tried, with a 32 ACT and they said he fell short WHEN they calculated GPA in core subjects (including foreign language)

Well, let’s see what happens. We are out of state (Mass) and can’t really afford to pay out of state tuition.

@ronboy72 - URI is definitely more laid back than PSU. I think the advising is better at URI just from the shear fact that URI is so much smaller. URI’s off campus student housing in not near the school. There is no outlying downtown that surrounds the school. My daughter needed a car when she moved. URI is so much cheaper!!! My PSU girl is an engineering major and has a job waiting for her with a defense contractor. My URI girl will be going to grad school - I will help her because of the inequities of the amount I spent on tuition. URI has a lot less distractions- which is what my daughter needed. Close to the beach.

Anybody else not get the acceptance letter yet? I got an email and notification on my ecampus account but never a letter… It’s supposed to have information on what to do next. I’m in state btw

Acceptance letter arrived snail mail about a week after online notification -OOS

I would get in touch with them. We were later getting ours and contacted them to see how letters were being sent out (batches v. all together). They said they were going out in batches but we should receive it by the end of the week–a week ago Friday. We did get it by then. They also said that if it hadn’t come by then, they would send out another. Acceptances on portal were posted three weeks ago–I would think all letters would have been sent by now. Good luck.