University of Richmond Deferral to Eventual acceptance rates

hello…my son applied ED and was deferred . Any insight into the deferral dynamic at UR? Eventual acceptance rates? tips?

I don’t know if UR declines from ED or if it defers everyone. Anyhow, you should treat it mentally as a rejection but do the follow up work (send mid year report, etc).

They do decline from ED

My son was notified tonight that he was deferred from EA to RD. Did this happen to anyone else? Or does anyone have any thoughts or experiences with this that they want to share?

DD was also deferred from EA to RD.

Also deferred. DD is very upset. 1410 SAT, 4.3 W GPA, 3.9 UW, 500+ volunteer hours, Latin club president, lots of EC in music, etc.

Surprise deferral for our son with a 4.6 WGPA and 1460 SATs.

What’s the chances of getting into Richmond regular decision if I was deferred ?


My DD was deferred, 35 ACT, 800 subject test scores, top grades, will graduate with 12 varsity letters, visited campus. College counselor thinks Richmond is protecting their yield as it was not one of my daughter’s top picks. However, she did visit the campus so I’m still pretty surprised?

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Are these deferrals from ED or EA? Looks like a little bit of both?

My DD’s was from EA, that’s why her high school counselor thinks Richmond is protecting their yield.

My S applied RD with similar stats and is disappointed to see so many high stats kids being deferred or denied. His fear was UR would see his metrics and assume he wasn’t serious about attending. His mother is an Alum, along with both uncles, and his grandfather also graduated from UR. He visited the campus and liked everything. What’s not to like?

The fact that UR offered just 14% of RD applicants admission last year is all the proof you need to know that this school is working overtime to protect yield. If you want to go to UR, you’d better apply ED. Makes it more challenging to believe they are, in fact, need blind.

Agree with @karenO that UR appears to be deferring high stats applicants as a form of yield protection.

Just another data point. My high stats daughter (3.96 UW/4.6 W, full IB diploma with 35 ACT) was accepted EA and was a Richmond Scholar Finalist. She did not visit, but did provide an arts supplement. She withdrew her app, so don’t have any further info.

My son was deferred ED with 1470 SAT, 3.7 GPA, 7 AP’s, varsity letters , multiple awards and clubs and President of a major high profile activity; we visited twice and he spoke to the rep when she visited his school.–he was told that this may be to support the RD yield as they know he really wants to attend.

Those stats are amazing…I don’t understand that at all
Son was accepted RD 1420 3.9 UWGPA

My son was accepted RD after EA deferral also, his stats almost identical to mckam809. Unfortunately there was no merit $ & the cost of this school is unbelievably high. Disappointed!

OOS Daughter waitlisted 1430 SAT, tons of AP’s, #5 of 213, Excellent recommendations, 4.4 gpa, hospital internship, part-time job, Varsity athlete. Very surprised.

RNmom2b that is a bit surprising, but you never know with these schools. Did you visit the campus officially at all? I heard that demonstrated interest is a big consideration there. Also how was your daughter’s essay? In my son’s acceptance letter they specifically complimented him on his impressive writing…he does happen to be an outstanding writer, which it seems is hard to come by these days as there seems to be a big push towards STEM-related careers. (He is very weak in math & science by the way, lol)

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