University of Saint Andrews (Scotland) Essay?i

Is anyone familiar with applying via the common app?

It looks like a Common App Essay is required (so you are limited to one of the prompts), but on the St. A website, the essay is described as one which explains why applicant wants to study his/her chosen subject at St. A’s and one which highlights relevant work/activities etc. Much more like what I would call a personal statement.

You cannot upload two essays, so I assume the best thing for DS do is swap out the current common app and replace it with a St. A’s essay and then switch it back for the next application?


Why not just apply via the Common App? I am looking at it right now. It says that SA does require the personal statement, as well as the “question” which is 250-400 words. Confusingly, that supplement is under the Question tab, of the St. Andrews app on the Common App.

Or perhaps your student is filling out more than 20 applications. If the student is applying to SA solely via the university app, I am guessing that the only essay required is the 250-400 supplement about why they are choosing their course of study. That’s the one I’d choose.

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Ok, we are on common app and doing less than 20 apps. I did not see the place to answer the question under “college questions”.

Thanks so much!

No worries. I’m guessing that SA will look closely at that question. That’s probably what they are more interested in, being a UK school.

You can always apply using the UCAS application. I did this and it was super direct and cheaper!

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