University of San Diego Class of 2025 Regular Decision

I just got an email at 12:12 am pst for admittance

yup, same.

Us as well. Youngest finally received an email just after midnight (4/1) but nothing on the portal reflects the change to being admitted to USD when we logged on to check. So strange…

Email 11:52PST (so 2:52AM our time) Rejected. (Wait list, technically, but odds are slim) USD may be sneaky-smart with the ridiculous process. The past week, D has moved on. Got into better schools, but loved USD. So, not a terrible position to be in. Well, six years and three kids trawling these pages - goodbye and good luck to all.


My son got rejected. Email came last night at 10:52pm PST. Portal still says “committee review”. Best of luck to all those admitted!

It’s unscientific poll time!

Last night 3/31/21 at 11:54pm my daughter got her email, she got Aceppted to USD. We are so happy. Long wait :scream:, fortunately it was worth it​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you guys for all the comments. Did anyone know where or when we will get the financial info?



Okay, my son finally got his acceptance around midnight. He tried to recind his app a few hrs before that because he’s already SIR’ed at Cal Berkeley but the portal is so darn confusing he gave up. He’ll be declining his spot ASAP to open up for waitlisters.

Daughter got waitlisted for psychology, finally came in early this morning. She is planning on attending SDSU so she may not opt in for USD WL. This process was not a particularly good look for USD in my view.

Hi everyone! Congratulations to all admitted! Whew - this one was a loooonnng wait for a wait list spot. We called AO and they said they had 14,100 applicants but of course no way of knowing how many WL spots will open until closer to May 1. Curious if anyone has info about previous years (although this one is so unpredicatable!).

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Hi - is the 14,100 the number of people on the waitlist?

My son was one of the people that got the email at midnight on 3/31 asking if he wanted to be waitlisted. His portal sill says “complete - ready for review”. My assumption is that nobody has even reviewed his application yet. Does anyone know if they are still going to look at those applications, or will they only look at those if waitlist spots become available?

Hi! No - I was told that was how many total applicants USD had for fall admission. She could not give me a figure for how many were waitlisted.

We had a similar experience last year when D20 applied to USD. Loooong wait–by which point she got excited about other (in some cases, more selective) schools–only to be waitlisted. I think I found the whole thing more frustrating than she did as she had pretty much moved on and nearly forgotten about USD by the time she heard back. I agree that their admission/notification process leaves a lot to be desired.

My daughter also received her acceptance at midnight. Just a few days ago the financial aid section was populated but does not indicate a merit scholarship anywhere, which is surprising since all other private schools gave it. I called to ask if I was missing it and they said it looks like she wasn’t awarded any. Did you see anything on the award overview tab? USD is out of the question for us without merit. Best of luck to you!

Does anyone know if USD is known for “frontloading” their financial aid (ie they are just giving me a good financial package just to entice me and even if my financial situation stays the same, they will lower the institutional aid the following year)?