University of South Carolina EA 2025

Feel free to ask any questions regarding UofSC’s early action for class of 2025


UofSC is in my daughter’s top three right now (maybe even #1). She’s anxiously awaiting “mid-December”

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UofSC is my dream/top school I am trying my best to wait until Mid-December but it is so hard!

Two weeks to go! Agree it’s so hard to wait!!

We’re hoping mid December means Friday 12/11 and definitely not past Friday 12/18. Assuming they don’t want to disappoint by going beyond 12/15 and they prefer to release on a Friday, 12/11 seems like a reasonable guess. Hopefully sooner!

Same here! She’s gotten into some schools already but has her heart set on UofSC

I saw a post on Instagram that said EA will be released on 12/15.


Same I’m glad to finally have a specific date

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Is there a chance that the decision on 12/15 will be deferred? Or do all of the applicants get either accepted or rejected on that date? Thanks.

When my son applied EA, he was deferred. Many kids are deferred during EA.

Based on the email that was sent today, it seems to imply that unless you have strong credentials, be prepared for a deferral (or worse). Here’s the exact verbiage on the email we got today:

"Decisions may include acceptances, deferrals and denials. Due to our test-optional admissions policy, application review requires additional time. Students admitted during early action are competitive applicants who present above average academic credentials. Those deferred will go through an extended review period so additional factors may be considered, such as personal circumstances, extracurricular activities and the personal essay. No additional credentials are needed for this review process, as everything we consider is included in the application. "

So, the wait will soon be over! Good luck to all awaiting the EA decisions.

Ugh. Mine went in test optional. Now I’m nervous

Mine did not go test optional and now I am even more nervous based on this email. My daughter is a sophomore at U of SC and we would love for both our kiddos to end of there, but I just don’t know based on my son’s stats. Good luck everyone!

Im right there with you. And especially going test optional we worry if its enough

My DD also went test optional. Hoping she gets in. Best wishes to all.

What was her major?

Marketing - how about yours?

She went in originally for management but switched to business undecided

Here’s hoping for the best. That email was interesting. Not quite sure what to make of it!

Yup I almost feel like those with high gpa and test scores will hear first. Ugh

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