University Of South Carolina

What are some tips on getting into the university of South Carolina? If you have gone there what were your stats that got you in? I am a rising senior in high school my dream school is to go to the University of South Carolina. Right now I have a 3.0 gpa (I didn’t do so well freshmen year) I am trying to get up. I will be an out of state student I would love to know what your experience was on getting in and going there. Also if you could give me tips on scholarships and grants that would be awesome.

A 3.0 GPA is too low to qualify for an academic scholarship.

Univ of SC calculates GPA differently so your GPA might be a bit higher depending on the courses you’ve taken. You might just slide into UofSC with that GPA and a solid SAT/ACT score. Your SAT/ACT score will have to compensate for the lower GPA. As for scholarships/grants, nearly all UofSC grants are given to in-state students. You might get a small tuition reduction if your SAT/ACT score is high enough with that GPA.

For an OOS merit-based scholarship you must meet both the GPA and standardized test requirements. I don’t know if this will change due to COVID and the difficulty some students have in taking the SAT/ACT in testing.

Hi. I was wondering if anybody has received a decision for U South Carolina yet? I submitted on 9/19 and have not heard back

Hi I applied on 10/3 and have not heard. I think it is usually mid-december for EA but let me know if this is wrong!

@dancer7381 The website said Mid-December but I am hoping we hear back earlier.

Also for my original post my GPA should say 3.4

Does anyone know when decisions will come out? I applied October 15th.

@collegegal2025 Did you apply EA?

yes I did, on October 15th

@collegegal2025 The website said Mid-December

@collegegal2025 What major are you applying for if you don’t mind me asking