University of Tampa Class of 2022

Thought I’d start a thread for those admitted.

D just heard yesterday (12/17) - she’s in!
GPA: 3.48 - lots of AP classes
SAT: 1150
Major: Film, animation & new media

No word on fin. aid yet, but we just added their school code to our FAFSA form.

Good luck to all!

I got accepted on (11/17)
SAT: 1230 (650 CR and 580 Math)
GPA: 4.0 UW
Class Rank: Top 2%
Major: Journalism
Lots of ecs and leadership positions
Excellent essay and Teach recommendations
Got into Honors program and got a lot of scholarships/grants

I got accepted on 10/13
GPA: 3.92 UW: 4.76 W
SAT: 1500 (720 CR and 780 Math)
ACT: 34 (36 Reading, 32 Math, 32 Science, 34 English)
Class Rank: 83/1053
Major: Biology-Marine Science (Pre-Med)
APs: European History, US History, English Lang and Comp, Psychology, Biology, Physics C: Mechanics, US Government and Politics

I’m also a Dual Enrollment student who would come in with an AA.
Got into honors and received a nice scholarship. Hoping for the Life Sciences one this Spring!

Good luck to all!