University of Tampa - Class of 2023

Hi all - Looking to start a new thread for those who’ve either been admitted already, or are waiting from EA or Priority I. Portal shows “Application in Complete Stage since 11/29/18”. Admissions keeps sending a stock note saying we’ll hear within “4-6 weeks” of application complete and maybe a bit longer due to holiday break. It’s now been 7-8 weeks and nothing. Anyone in the same boat? Are they just stalling maybe to see mid-year grades come in?

My daughters application has been complete since December 4th. We check SpartanWeb every single day.

Ours since November 21st

Just got my rejection letter. Applied EA. UT was a reach anyway. Ive already commited to my dream school, UT wouldve been nice to attend though.
For anyone wondering(reach school)
gpa-3.2 uw
sat-1020 superscore
Im a bad test taker so excuse my scores, just thought this would help somebody.

Sorry to hear you were rejected. Happy to hear your committed to your dream school though! If you don’t mind me asking, how did you hear from UT? Was it an email or in the mail?

Sorry for the late response. It was a letter in the mail. I checked my portal afterwards and it was there too.

Rejected, not a reach school though.

3.3 GPA
SAT 1170

Hope this will help someone

My son’s application status says deferred since 3/7/19. He was originally supposed to get a decision by 2/1/19 but then got a letter stating he may not hear until 4/1/10. Does deferred mean he still has a chance of getting in? Im confused -thx in advance.

I believe “deferred” means they are holding off on making a decision until they see more applications, and then depending on how many apply/accept they will decided on his application.

Accepted Spring 2020
Wait-listed Fall 2019

GPA: 2.6 unweighted, 2.7 weighted
ACT: 29

A bit surprised since this school was a reach, but happy nonetheless :heart: Looking forward to attending in Spring (or hopefully fall if a spot opens up!)