University of Tulsa Class of 2028 Official Discussion Thread

Hey all -

I’m the President of the University of Tulsa. I thought I’d kick off this thread.

We are proud of our university.

More than 25% of our freshmen class are National Merit Scholars, the highest amount per capita in the nation.

The Wall Street Journal listed TU as the #12 engineering school in the nation for salaries, alongside MIT, Stanford, CalTech, Princeton and the usual (great) suspects.

Money Magazine listed our engineering school as the 8th best in the nation.

We have distinguished poets, novelists and translators on faculty. Indeed, TU had two professors nominated for the National Book Award, the only university in the nation with that distinction.

Our pre-med students get into medical school at 2x the national average.

Our programs in psychology and business are outstanding. Indeed, our student-run investment fund stands at $8MM, one of the largest in the nation.

Every parent and student has my cell phone, and we are small enough to be family and large enough to play D1 athletics.

It is the most beautiful campus in America (yeah, it really is), and the dorms and food are terrific.

Feel free to chat here with me about TU. For the right student, it’s a great choice.


OOoohhh, distinguished translators! It’s a fascinating field, an art all of its own. Do tell more! What opportunities would you have for a brainy, arty student interested in translation?

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Google Jennifer Croft and Boris Dralyuk, who both were finalists for translation. Boris just finished up editing the Los Angeles Review of Books, and he translates mostly from Russian and Ukrainian. Jenny translates from Spanish, Polish, Russian, and much more. Amazing translators and creative artists (Boris is a distinguished poet and Jenny a a novelist). Both nominated this year for the National Book Award. You can come here and study in uber-small classes with them.


My daughter has it on her probably list. She likes a lot about it, but the location is the biggest downside to her. We did the virtual information session this week and it sounded good! We hope to get a visit in this fall if we can make it work. I’d love to see it!

She wants to major in mechanical engineering and also take animation, Chinese, and Spanish classes. Not a lot of places offer all of that.


Look forward to meeting your daughter. Let me know when you’re coming, and I’ll meet you!


I’d also like to mention we undoubtedly have the best scholarship for National Merit Semifinalists in the nation. That’s why 25% of our freshmen are NMFs.

You can read more here.


So five years of tuition! I didn’t realize that. Has it always been 5 years, or is this an increase in the scholarship? So this could potentially cover most (or perhaps all) of a Master’s degree…

Ok, one more question: Please do tell a little about TU’s Institute of Bob Dylan studies. Can undergrads actually be involved with this?

What is the current situation regarding abortion rights and educational freedoms in the state? This sounds like it could be a strong option for my dd25 but don’t want to send her anywhere that is potentially heading toward Florida-style laws.


Oklahoma is a conservative state. But the University of Tulsa is a private institution, and we are immune from anti-DEI laws or other types of state interference. So no worries there.

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Yes, they can. There is an annual conference for the Institute, and students can easily be involved in it.

It does cover 5 years, but only through the UG degree, if that makes sense.

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For those who might be interested in TU, here’s our latest PSA that is running during televised sports events etc. It gives a flavor of campus life.


Tulsa is on my son’s short list. We hope to make a trip to visit the campus this Fall! The NMSF scholarship package seems too good to pass up.


Let me know when you are coming, and I’ll make sure to come say hello!

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Hi. Could you provide more information about the TU Leadership program associated with NMSF.

The TU Leadership program involves 4 years of co-curricular events. It gets started in September, and involves everything from social events with me, faculty, and other university leaders to discussions about planning for grad school to Rhodes, Marshall, etc. Fellowship preparation. We bring in speakers who discuss leadership, stress management, the meaning of success, what a fulfilling life means, etc. It is fun!


Can you clarify how many semesters the Presidential scholarship is for? This page: Scholarships - The University of Tulsa says 8 semesters, but when you follow the link to the Presidential Scholarship website, it says it is for 5 years.



The Presidential Scholarship is a full tuition scholarship good for up to 5 years or until you earn your undergraduate degree. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Thank you!

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