University of Utah Class of 2024

I’m starting this thread because we are anxiously awaiting a decision mid-January, and I found this thread so helpful last year. D20 visited the campus last year looking for a "safety’ school and fell in love with the campus and the Honors program and all it has to offer. (We are in CA). She is right on the border between likely merit scholarships so hoping @Twoin18 didn’t oversell to the high stats applicants this year, LOL! Good luck everyone!

Thanks for starting this! Does EA ever come out earlier? We are anxiously waiting!

From what I saw last year, EA comes out mid-January. One more month!!!

As the website says “Notifications will be sent on January 15” which is the same every year ( and as of two years ago it was via a letter in the mail.

Honors College admissions and IIRC the auto scholarship details are included in your letter, though some scholarships (e.g. Eccles) are applied for after initial admission and are not announced until late March. I think 34 ACT is likely to be right on the borderline for the full tuition OOS scholarship and it could go either way this year. But don’t give up on applying for Eccles even if you don’t get the full tuition scholarship, because that’s judged a lot more holistically.

Hi @Twoin18 and thanks for your input. I’ve been lurking and reading your posts for awhile now! That’s exactly where my D20 stands and really hoping it doesn’t bump up to 35 this year. She received a full tuition scholarship to Temple but U of U is preferable to her for many reasons.

Good luck to your daughter, @KBTDPT ! My daughter loves the U.

@mom2adancer thank you!!!

1 week countdown to decision time!

Does anyone have an idea what you need minimally for the WUE scholarship?

I don’t know. I asked the UU in Sept 18 “I was wondering if there is a minimum GPA or SAT/ACT score for the WUE tuition rate.” They responded:

“Thank you for inquiring about the WUE program at the University of Utah. To be considered for the WUE program for 2018-19 you have to complete the admissions process to the University of Utah by December 1, 2018. Every student that is admitted from the qualifying western states and has met the December 1, 2018 deadline will automatically be considered. The WUE award is only awarded to incoming freshman and will be awarded based on merit, i.e., unweighted High School GPA and ACT/SAT score with which you were admitted. The WUE program has very limited spots so it is highly competitive. Here is a link to our website about WUE:”

I think the current link is:

I did see on that “123tocollege” said “S OOS accepted Pre-Games. 3.9 WGPA. 1250 SAT/26 ACT. Amazing ECs in jazz and robotics. WUE scholarship. Snow boarder— so giving strong consideration. Waiting on UCs.”

So a 3.9 WGPA and 1250 SAT may be good enough for a “Pre-Games” major. My D has a 3.67UW and a 1110 SAT and applied for Biology for Fall 2020. Hopefully, we get some good news in 6 days!

My D has higher stats for GPA and SAT and did not receive WUE has a Ballet BFA applicant back in 2017-2018. So who knows how they decide?

Unfortunately there is no matrix. You can look at the thread from last year to get a basic idea but until you see it in writing I don’t think you can “expect” anything. I hope we have some good news in 5 days!!!

@mom2adancer Maybe it depends on major.

  • Did your D get any scholarship?
  • is the commendation scholarship (where they waive the OOS tuition for the 1st year) easier to get than WUE?

Well this whole conversation is gonna be awkward if my D does not get in!

@Gregmacd she did ultimately receive a freshman OOS scholarship, just not WUE.

Good luck to your daughter!

Did anyone receive an Early Admittance Letter? Don’t want to ruin anything for anyone but I got mine back in December :smile:
Is this normal for U? Don’t have any info about Honours college decision tho

What did your early admission letter say? what major was it for?
did you get a scholarship

@gregmacd I’m going to hazard a guess that the student above is likely International. (Note the spelling of “honour”.) Lots of schools send out acceptances early to IS because they are full pay! I don’t think we need to be concerned.

Thanks! In 2 days, my daughter will either be thrilled to get it, or telling me that she didn’t want to go there anyhow. LOL!

@Gregmacd @KBTDPT Yes I am an International Student. No word on Scholarship, Honors College or Eccles. My CIS account too hasn’t updated yet. I guess it’ll get updated on 15th. I have only received an email and the Physical Admission Letter(Got it FedExed)

The Letter of Admission is the general one which welcomes you and has your UNID and stuff. That’s it.

I guess they give it early to IS because of the longer duration of our I20 Processing.

I got in for Computer Science.

Congrats @user_424717!