University of Utah Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Starting a new thread hoping to get input from the super active 2024 parents as well as other newbies like me!

Wondering if anyone has received admission confirmation yet and whether it came via email or the link you get directed to in order to confirm your application materials have been submitted properly.

To all those that started during COVID - hoping the college experience has gone as good as can be expected!!

I will be following along. Thank you for starting the thread. I did notice that they say EA decision will be on January 15th, not by January 15th, so I think we might have a bit of a wait.

Interesting - I had not seen that. Thanks very much for the info!

I hope I’m wrong and if anyone has heard otherwise, I’d love to know. It would be so nice to hear sooner. Here is the page that I saw it on.

Thanks for starting the thread! My daughter applied for Environmental Studies. We are in Chicago.

My son has applied too. We are in CA. His gpa is 4.0 (unweighted) but was not able to take the SAT/ACT.

Welcome Chicago & CA parents - glad this thread is getting traction Seems like the U is attracting kids from all over. Our son is interested in CS. He was able to squeak in an ACT at the last minute. Who knows how they will factor things this year. Trying to stay zen & go with the flow but that isn’t really my strong suit :).

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I guess I should introduce myself as well! I am a Northern California parent. My son applied to CS and plans to have an emphasis in EAE with Game Design.
It’s nice to see a variety of locations represented just in this small group.

My son applied too as a Physics major. We are in Northern California. I am hoping for merit, and I’ve heard some surprising things about the WUE scholarship, i.e., only a few students get that. I will be disappointed if the merit isn’t as much as I thought.

The school itself looks great, and it is very easy to get to from our location. I think it’s cool that it draws students from so many different states.

@loveorangecats (love your name!) - hi! my son is also interested in CS/Gaming - UofU seems unique in their program. Is your son looking at other schools? We pushed a few other applications on him but based on what you read online (we couldn’t visit - COVID) he is most interested in UofU.

@MorseLewis - we are also anxious about merit. In general we know of students from last year deferring OOS for a year (or deferring altogether) and wonder what impact that will have on the incoming class and merit potential. I have no idea if UofU experienced many, or any, deferrals though. Not to mention test optional…

@TXParent500 Hi! - I wondered if your son was interested in the Game Development side as well! Since we are in California, UC Santa Cruz is one with a good Game Development program that mine is interested in. He has applied to some other schools as well, but he would definitely agree with you about the Utah program being really special.

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Yes it’s correct that EA decisions are all released on the specific day, not in a rolling process, like later decisions.

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SoCal mom here - my son applied to the U for computer science. We were able to see the campus this summer even though there weren’t tours or anything happening. It’s beautiful there, and he is really interested in their CS program. We are also hoping for merit scholarships. Does anyone know when they notify students about scholarships? Is that at the same time as admission?

In previous years, auto merit has come with admission in January. The Eccles scholarship application is due in early Feb and decided at the end of March. I think some departmental and special scholarships (eg those that require separate applications) may be decided after admissions come out.

And this year it looks like things may be different.


@Twoin18 This is really helpful information. Thank you!

One thing that may be different this year is that the “merit scholarship consideration deadline” is now Feb 1. In previous years it was aligned with the Dec 1 early action date for “priority” consideration (in practice that meant the vast majority of awards went to people applying by Dec 1). I don’t know if that means they now intend to hold back all merit notifications until Mar 1 or if some will still come with admission on Jan 15.

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Thanks Twoin18 - sadly it looks like they won’t release merit until March 1…ugh!

From the website:


Notifications will be sent on January 15.


Notifications will be sent on March 1.


Notifications will be on a rolling basis.

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My son also applied to game design. We are in MA. He loves to ski. We haven’t been to Utah. He was admitted to U. of Denver but is pricey!

Same here. My daughter likes DU but even with merit, it’s $$$$. She loves UVM, too. She clearly wants the mountains. We are in Chicago now but used to live in Utah.