University of Washington anyone?

<p>Anyone else considering U of W for their undergraduate studies? Just curious.</p>

<p>Not really. Only once when I was searching schools in the rainiest climates [my favorite].</p>

<p>I'm in Washington so UW is pretty fairly good choice for me academically and financially</p>

<p>Im gonna apply there for engineering. Not my number one choice, but i'll use it as a safety i guess.</p>

<p>I ALWAYS get this school confused with washington university in st louis!</p>

<p>I'm applying for their international studies program.</p>

<p>I'm in Washington, so I might apply. I'm sure I'd get on well enough, but the bottom line is that it's just way too big for me.</p>

<p>I live about twenty minutes away from the Udub campus. Chances are I will submit an application, even though a lot of students from my high school go there and there are way too many people there (for my taste).</p>

<p>There are a lot of great things about it as well. It's one of the top public universities, the campus is beautiful in the spring (when the trees blossom), I love the weather, and the University District is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Seattle -- in general, too. There are a lot of great places to eat, sights to see, the music scene is great, and you've got a myriad of coffee shops and miscellaneous stores.</p>

<p>I love there BME department ! XD</p>

the rainiest climates [my favorite].


<p>this sentence.</p>

<p>anyway, no...haven't considered UofW</p>

<p>Maybe..l but usually the B students from my school go to UW.</p>

<p>LOL What about it. I swear I love rainy places. Kind of sucks balls 3 places I am applying to are in Cali.</p>

<p>I would love to go to college in cali</p>

<p>except college in cali costs a lot :(</p>

<p>No sun for me :(</p>

<p>Same reason I am only applying to private schools. No way I am paying out-of-state with little/no FA.</p>

<p>^Something my father completely fails to realize.</p>

<p>no, i quoted it because I like rain too...and all my friends think I'm crazy!</p>

<p>(: Same haha.</p>

<p>I wish but it's not apart of the WUE</p>

<p>^WUE? What's that?</p>

<p>Western undergraduate exchange. If are from somewhere from the west side of then u.s. And you want to go to an out of state college that is apart of the WUE then you can pay 150% of in state tuition. Google it! It's pretty cool.</p>