University of Waterloo(International Student-USA)

<p>First off: I'm a student from the US, I graduated highschool and attended community college for one year. I submitted my application to Waterloo even though I had absolutely terrible scores on my SATs, In highschool however, in my senior year throughout the whole year my grades never went lower then an A. Its my understanding from the website of Waterloo and from a response email I received from an admissions representative that they only look at senior year grades. Because I did so well in my senior year will that help me out a lot more since my SAT scores were really low? I know in the AIF I'm able to explain why I received a lower score but I don't really have a good explanation(I was moving around from state to state and even country to country so I didn't really get much time to study and it was sort of a quick decision to take it. Registered for it about 3-4 months before I was going to take it). If it helps out any I applied to the co-op arts and science psychology program and the social development program.</p>