University of Wisconsin, Madison EA Class of 2025

My son is also Kelley direct admit and pre-business at Wisconsin. He got an email a while back saying that he was on the direct admit waitlist and to submit his first semester grades. Other than that, there is no info on how it works, how many kids are on it, or how many they might take. Incidentally, my wife and son were at Wisconsin today and will be at Indiana tomorrow. Congrats on your son’s ACE admission, mine was invited, but he didn’t do it b/c Indiana at the time was maybe 4th or 5th choice.

My son was direct admit at Wisconsin but not Ace at Kelley and very little merit at Kelley. Go figure.

Does anyone have news from the waitlist from UW?

what is ACE at kelley?

It’s basically getting admitted to the Kelley honors program for your freshman year. It’s a competitive process, and if you get in, you automatically qualify for the honors program with a minimum GPA requirement going forward.


How liberal is the school these days? My student is quite moderate, a little left on some issues and a little right on others (fwiw, considering CS major) and I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable.