University with full tuition or possible full ride

I am applying for this fall term 2020.I have a sat score of 1490 and CGPA 3.69.I really dont have good ECAs.I want to know about the universities that will scholarship up to full tuition or possible full ride.

I need to know the exact same thing

Full rides are very rare. That’s why you’re not getting responses.

For international students, this is even worse.
The schools that do have some funding, want the tippy top student from each country.

There are very limited seats because most seats are reserved for American students.

If you ask for funding, your chances are even less.

The University of Alabama in Huntsville offers automatic merit scholarships to first year international students that are based purely on GPA and SAT/ACT. Your current stats qualify you for a 67% reduction in tuition. You would need a 1520 SAT to qualify for a full tuition scholarship.

Berea College