UNM announces housing changes for Fall 2020

UNM is waiving the requirement for freshman students to live on campus for fall 2020.

Other changes announced today–all traditional dorm rooms will have only a single occupant. Cost for dorm rooms will not increase. IOW, students will pay the double price for a single.

Just got the latest email ?

Best case scenario, I fly cross country to move daughter in, but am barely allowed in the dorms.

Worst case scenario, we forfeit the money for my plane ticket we (perhaps foolishly) already booked, fly her out alone and pay for a two week private quarantine stay in state??

This is a nightmare ?


The University is just trying to keep your student safe. Our governor mandated an OOS visitor quarantine because the Covid-19 numbers in adjacent states are out of control and have reached crisis numbers. She doesn’t want that happening here.
Albuquerque has already seen a steeply increasing number of Covid-19 cases over the past 2 weeks.

Can you get credit/voucher for you plane ticket? It’s worth asking the airline.

(BTW I feel you pain, I have plane tickets to Europe, but now the EU has banned Americans from traveling there.)


Do you know how students can verify with the university that ther are completing a self-quarantine period? I figure for hotel stays, you could just show check-in dates, but what about for staying with someone else?

I don’t know. I suggest contacting the UNM Housing Office to ask.

Phone: 505.277.2606 (24/7 Help Desk)
Fax: 505.277.4712
Email: housing@unm.edu