UofSC Class of 2024 Waitlist

Thought I’d start a thread for those who are in limbo because of being waitlisted to University of South Carolina. My daughter (OOS-NY) was waitlisted. Sports Management.

My daughter will be accepting a spot on the waitlist. If the stats from the past are correct a decent percentage of those who accept a spot on the waitlist are admitted - we shall see.

Her other top school Syracuse, hasn’t issued their decision yet but we were assuming the worst as it’s statistically harder than Carolina. So we are onto plan B schools which are schools she has been accepted to, have her major, but it may not be quite as strong as Carolina or Syracuse. (LSU and Seton Hall).

She is stressed out about committing to a plan B and then having to abandon it for plan A.

Commitment issues!

I have heard good things about LSU. Great school spirit Good luck I know the waiting can be tough

We just got back from LSU. Amazing campus and school spirit is second to none.

My son has a friend that is choosing LSU over USC strictly because he is getting more money but he loved the school as well when he visited

My daughter ended up getting into Syracuse (w some money), so we’ve made the deposit.

@fclspat Congrats to your daughter. This whole process is bizarre . So your daughter gets accepted to Syracuse with some money from a school which I feel is equivalent at least with SC. My son got rejected from UGA and his friend got into UGA and did get into SC but didn’t get as much money from SC as my son did .
My son was going to apply to Syracuse but realistically it was too expensive even with a scholarship

@jgwolf we we’re convinced she would not get into Syracuse (or at best be waitlisted) since we considered it a harder school to get in to over South Carolina.

So we started looking at “plan B” schools - and she was falling in love w LSU but when we got the Syracuse notification (w some money) it changed everything. Syracuse is drivable for us (we are suburban NYC) and with the way the world is nowadays, that distance is attractive.

Lucky we put $ in a 529. So I think we are good to go!

We are likely to pull our name off the South Carolina waitlist.

I am hoping to get off the USC waiting list. If not I’ll be going to Virginia Tech which is also a great school. Hoping to hear before May 1st so $400 doesn’t go down the drain.

Friend of mine did get off South Carolina waiting list today. She will be going.

I got off waitlist today also and will be attending from OOS.

My daughter also got cleared from waitlist today. We have already committed to Syracuse (and plunked down $995). She is on the fence but I think she should stick w Syracuse.

My son also got cleared from the waitlist and now needs to decide from 4 schools instead of 3. I guess it’s good to have choices.

Did anyone else receive the email that says you need to decide by April 15 instead of May 1 and why that would be? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

My official acceptance just came up on the portal. Will be paying my deposit next week! So excited. Go Gamecocks!

@OneEyedWonder the following is my opinion, but kinda have a strong hunch this is how it goes… schools want to appear more competitive… so they look attractive to future applicants. So they accept students w very high stats and waitlist those on the median. They ask those on the waitlist to tell the school if they want to still be considered. This weeds out “who’s really serious” vs those that applied as one of the dozen other schools. All those who turn down the waitlist count as a “not admitted” and the stats look better. They tell those on the waitlist they will find out in May. Instead they trickle come in in late March/early April. Ask for responses by April 15. Then will prob take in a few more Off waitlist In mid April and give them a May 1 deadline as they gauge the enrollment numbers. Then use mid May to round it out.

Oh. My daughter is not going down w/o a fight. So still debating between Syracuse and Carolina

@fclspat I have to agree with you on that. I have a friend who went to SC years ago, and when i told him of the stats of kids who were being denied or waitlisted, he was shocked…so yeah i think they are trying to raise their status. Thanks for your thoughts…

btw, good luck with your daughter…as my oldest who is at UGA and picked them over Wisconsin, you may lost out to the weather factor.

They definitely have been successful in raising their status. If you look at data from a few years ago, not only are admissions stats going up but also so are stats for merit scholarships. This will make SC more competitive in the years to come. Nothing wrong with that!

Congrats on your son getting in.

From another thread. Saying yes to this waitlist offer is not officially binding. And a deposit is not requested. Saying yes will get you an official acceptance letter and upto May 1 to commit.

Worth noting, once you click yes (and before clicking the commit button on this waitlist form) you will see your major.

I am assuming zero merit.

Zero merit at S.C. (as an OOS) is cheaper than $10k merit from Syracuse.


Congrats on your daughter getting into Syracuse! I wanted my daughter to apply there as well but there was no way she wanted to brave those winters! SC looks like a beautiful campus with great weather but the admission experience there has been really frustrating. Seeing the posts that SC will have no merit for waitlisted students makes it a no brainer for us! University of Arizona gave my daughter $14,000 and locks tuition for all 4 years that you attend. I was skeptical but the campus looks amazing and comes with 300 sunny days a year. They have a grid that flat out shows you their merit payouts. The higher the grades and entrance score the more merit given!

Good luck!

for those who accepted the waitlist offer right off the bat. was an offer letter mailed to you or online? We waited a few days to accept and have not seen or gotten anything

My daughter was accepted to UofSC through the Gamecock gateway bridge program (go to tech for 1 year) would have had to put up a $750 non refundable deposit. She decided to wait to hear from other schools. In that time the limited spots filled, so she added herself to the “wait list” for gamecock gateway. Ally had decided to go to USC Beaufort campus, smaller school and about 2 hours from home; not bad! The day after she has decided on USC Beaufort, I received an email from the University of SC offering her admission as an incoming Freshman; not gamecock gateway! To say we are shocked and delighted to be going to Carolina is an understatement! #spursup