UofSC Honors College and Top Scholars Class of 2025

I read someone saying that there won’t be a specific scholarship letter. Maybe it’s not in this thread.

We received the Scholarship award letter in the Portal on 3/8/21 but I haven’t seen the Financial Aids letter yet, even though we probably will get nothing except for the 5.5K loan.

Just now received the $1000 Departmental scholarship for College of Engineering and computing.


Thats amazing! Did you get an email?



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Is this something you applied for or do certain departments give out money based on application info?

I applied for the Department.

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Hi everyone! I recently received the South Carolina Stamps Scholars award.

I am interested in Computer Science and was also accepted at

Purdue Cs

ASU Barrett ( with full tuition)

UTD full tuition

Alabama full tuition plus

Rose Hulman Noblitt Scholar

Ohio State and

Waitlisted at Northwestern,WashU , Rice and Vandy

Rejected at Duke, Dartmouth, Brown

Computer Science is all about Internships and Coop opportunities.

South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing is not recognized well.

I would like to know accepting Stamps at U of SC is really a good choice?

You have better options - but you have to pay.

I do think as a Stamps, you are elite so you will be guided fine.

And it’s CS, you can go to University of middle of the atlantic ocean and be fine.

But you have some great names up there - ASU, Purdue, Rose Hulman, Ohio State, etc. Rose Hulman stands out in that it seems like you want to go to a flagship type and it’s tiny and the town is horrible. But the career placement and salaries are off the charts.

Good luck - you can’t go wrong no matter what you choose. Why? Because you are fantastic - and in the end, that’s what matters.

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Thank you !

Have to think Purdue or Ohio State for CS would be the straight up best options for program and connections however Stamps is Stamps…that is likely to give you more opportune connections on its own plus the additional benefits that come with that program on top of the monetary value. You are right that UoSC is not an eyebrow raising program, but UoSC plus Stamps Scholar will open plenty of doors.