UofT vs. UBC for PoliSci

Hey everyone,

I am having trouble deciding between the University of Toronto (Faculty of Arts and Science, Social Science, Woodsworth College) and the University of British Columbia (Faculty of Arts) for my undergrad. I want to major in political science and maybe minor in econ?

I’ve lived in Vancouver my entire life and I feel like I can’t live without the mountains here, but I also desperately want to move away from home for university. I like UofT but I hear a lot of negative things about it, like how every student is a number. Meanwhile, UBC seems to be slightly better in terms of student experience from what I’ve heard. However, I am an aspiring lawyer and I feel like UofT would give me access to more opportunities, especially since Toronto is so close to Ottawa.

What is the environment at both schools like, and which one would set me up better for a future in law?