Update on S1

Thanks for all the PMs and thoughtful replies on my previous posts.

I’m so happy to share that S1 was accepted this week into a well-regarded private special needs school (elementary/middle with an attached high school) with expertise in his profile: bright with social-emotional challenges. The school had only one spot (of about 12 for his cohort) left when we applied. He was SO motivated. Picked out a blazer, tie and shirt and in the interview was so respectful and engaged (in his quirky way, discussing Egyptian mythology, WW1 and SpaceX by way of greeting). We are on cloud nine that he will have a fresh start come fall.

Someone, or several of you, sent me to the Davison gifted kids board and WOW were they helpful. I posted some data about his IQ testing and some of the posters SPOTTED ERRORS in the percentile reporting. Turns out the examiner had managed to mangle half the scores (probably cut and paste errors). The revised scores point to a urgent need for OT and vision therapy, both of which we pursued.

One downside of the new school is that he will have to endure (and endure is the word) a 60-90 minute bus ride each way. I know. I KNOW. After the first year we will look into moving closer to the school, but there is no way around this now. We will figure out non-video game ways of engaging him on his commute. He is a voracious reader (kindle? edu apps? audio books?).

Well - that’s the news!

Thanks for the update and best wishes going forward!

Excellent news. Very glad to hear this.

We moved so that our son could attend a specific private school. We did it for not even one school year before we all had to pull the plug. I was driving and it ended up being a ridiculous amount of time in the car for me. We tried carpooling and the bus, but at the end of the day it was just easier being closer. Congrats to all of you!

That school sounds ideal for your S. So glad for the great news and hope you guys can figure out how to make the commute time into a positive as well.

Glad to hear this update. My post may sound negative, but I mean well in bringing up some questions for you to think about.

The bus ride…is this a private bus just for students at this special school, or public transportation? How old is your son, and has he had even experience to be responsible on his own for 90 minutes each way? Will there be adult supervision if he is on a private school bus, to help with teasing, bullying, arguments, etc?

You have time to practice bus rides this summer, and maybe you could find another student and help your son being friendly with that student before school starts?

You will not be able to control the other students on the bus (or other riders on public transportation.) if there is no supervision, it will fall on your son to tell if he is being harassed. Is he capable of understanding and interpreting behavior of others? Will he just submit to being treated badly? Will there be older students on his bus (private school bus)? Age difference plus a kid who presents as different can be an invitation to not being treated well.

Again, I hope you can see that I am just bringing up things you might want to think through. It is more than just occupying his ride time with interesting books.

I have been on public transportation and bus broke down. Had to leave the bus and wait for new one to arrive. Got on wrong bus (as an adult) and was 10 minutes into the ride before I realized it. My plane had to reroute and land in different city due to weather, and I was not prepared to spend extended time with a 6 month old in a strange city. It was my first flight with a baby, by myself, and the flight was supposed to be only one hour, so I packed light in my carry on.

Just examples of things that don’t go according to plan. How does your son handle abrupt changes in routine? If he strikes out in anger, even if provoked, he could get kicked off the bus and you would need alternate transportation.

I am rooting for you and your family!