Updated chances (Exeter, Andover, Milton)

I am freaking out a lot and I did my Andover interview (and rewrote my essay for them) so I’ve decided to make a new post!

I live in Maryland, my school is private and all girls. I’m biracial (Indian and white) as well as nonbinary (I’m afab). I’m applying for FA but it’s unlikely I’ll get it. I’m applying for ninth grade (from 8th).

My grades are pretty good for the first semester:
Algebra II: B, ack, I wasn’t as dedicated as I would like and I’m pretty worried about this part.
English: A-
History: A-
Spanish: A
Science: A-
Latin: A+
Art: A+
Drama: A+
Music: A+

Also, I got my grades wrong in the last one because I accidentally did second quarter instead of the whole semester.

I got 2310 on the SSAT (797 verbal, 755 quantitative, 758 reading) and was in the 98th percentile.

Also, my mom went to Milton, I nearly forgot about that.

My recs were definitely good- my personal especially, my Spanish teacher is my advisor and she really likes me. My math and English were also definitely good.

I did Mandarin I online in sixth grade and got an A-. I have been taking Mandarin since I was six and Spanish since I was three (I’m fluent according to Duolingo, although I have doubts about that…). I have also done CTY since I was seven or eight and I got high honors on the test in second grade. I did The Ancient World, Modern Fantasy, Poetry and Imagination, and Model UN and Advanced Geography. I mentioned all of this in my interviews, although the schools don’t have the report cards or anything.

I play the viola and have since I was eight, I just finished up learning the Telemann concerto and am currently learning Sonata in G Major by B. Marcello. I’m also teaching myself guitar. I do XC at school and I just started tennis at school as well. I write and read a lot, which are honestly my main ECs, and I really enjoy songwriting and listening to music. Oh, I completely forgot about drama/theatre, which I highlighted as something I really enjoy and would like to continue. I’m also the leader of the GSA at my school.

For my essays, I talked about failure as well as my family for Milton, for Exeter I talked about racism in my city and people’s perceptions of me, and for Andover I talked about lots of assorted stories and then made a cool point at the end.

All of my essays were good, but Andover was amazing.

For my interviews, I don’t really remember my Milton one but I remember that I did well. Same with Exeter, she said that I would be a really good fit for Exeter because I mentioned that the criticizing religion class looked awesome. For Andover, we had a really good conversation and he was really friendly and he liked me. This interview went the best for sure.

Tada! Please tell me if I have a chance of getting in, especially to Exeter, it’s my top top top top top choice.

Edit: I made way too many typos…I hope the same isn’t true of my essays and that sort.

I’m just a Dad of a prospective student, but I would say that if you are a very good violist you have a good chance. Good violists are hard to find, but every orchestra needs at least a few.

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I’d say I’m pretty good! Thank you for responding!

To some extent I wouldn’t have mentioned I play the viola because there are so many asian viola or asians with musical talent in general it’s difficult to set yourself apart and it’s not these places being racist towards you it’s the simple fact that there are too many of those applicants.

Many pianists and violinists, so neither (especially piano) give much of an advantage unless already at conservatory level. But there are relatively few outstanding cellists and even fewer violists, and every student quartet needs one of each.

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I have never met another Asian violist- for that matter, I’ve only met three other violists besides my teachers! Do you mean violinist?

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I know that playing the viola is rare enough, especially as my first instrument, that my race doesn’t really affect it. Also, I’m biracial, so I think they’d count me in that group versus the Asian group. I’m not sure about that last bit though.

Also, I don’t know if this is coming across as iffy to anyone else, but this feels kind of ungreat the way you’re phrasing it (mostly that you’re insisting that you’re not racist).


Pay no heed to that other poster. He’s trying to psyche you out: you’re both applying to some of the same places. (Personally, I find your “Chance me” more interesting, but that also doesn’t matter, because I’m not an AO.)

There’s nothing wrong with including on your application that you’re a violist, since you’re actually a violist.

Violists are team players. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! And wow- that’s very nice haha. And yes, absolutely true : )