UPenn ED 2025

I know it’s pretty early, but it can’t hurt to start now.


Fellow ED applicant here! Just curious what undergraduate school you’re applying for? @Penguin2232

@LA2025 I’m applying to CAS, you?

I will be applying ED for Class of 25! Planning on applying to CAS

Wow this is very early, although I’m also planning on EDing

I wonder how admissions will look this year because of the pandemic?

I can’t believe this thread exists already!! I’m considering applying ED to the college of arts and sciences for history or communications.

Wow I’m surprised to find this thread already. I’m planning to ED for Wharton class of 2025. Anyone else worried because some of the competitions and achievements in the spring didn’t happen?

Yeah! I’m worried too! I still haven’t been able to take my standardized tests, and my extracurriculars have definitely been affected too :frowning: I hope they understand the situation.

I’m applying for ED as well! I am so scared I have a low GPA and a very high ACT score. My GPA will hurt me :frowning:

Hey! I am also a fellow ED applicant, but am somewhat confused on what school I want to ED to. Torn between CAS and Wharton. Can someone PM me and help me out a lil?

if you have tough classes that is good, but try to focus on essays and ecs. good luck! hope we both get in :slight_smile:

They arent requiring test scores this year. How does everyone feel about it is ayone doing it without tests?

meeee! have started your research yet? I’m quite nervous about wharton. Hey, how about we help each other out?

The only people who will benefit from the SAT optional policy are HS seniors. gap year students like me are damned!

Hello! I’m also applying ED to Penn (more specifically to CAS). The application deadline is coming up so fast!


My D21 applied for ED on 10/25 and has already been contacted for an interview. Is that a good sign with being contacted so soon as it’s not even the 11/1 deadline yet or a pretty normal time frame to be contacted for an interview?

Means nothing. Other than his interviewers are on the ball. I did alumni interviews for years and we have no idea how strong the applications are.

@ajswimmom Any suggestions/insight into how kids should prepare? What types of questions are asked? Also, do alumni interviewers write reports on the kids or is it more of an informational session?