UPenn vs UVA Jefferson Scholars

Hi everyone! As the title says, I got into UPenn and UVA as a Jefferson Scholar!
I’m super excited about these, but I’m really not sure which one to choose. I’d really like some advice about what might be a better fit.

For some background, I’m hoping to learn about the importance of science policy in the government. At Penn I’d study Science, Technology, and Society. At UVA I’d hope to study Human Biology.
I’m not really sure what I want to do with a job, or what careers exist for this field.
I have been and would like to continue researching peanut allergies.
I’m not the most athletic person (aka I really don’t like sports) but I know both schools are pretty sporty. I also definitely don’t want to rush.

What are the pros and cons of each school, and would Penn be worth it over the Jefferson Scholarship?

I wouldn’t say so. These cohorted named scholarships tend to be pretty special and Jefferson Scholars is one of the most prestigious. Just getting one of these is (IMO) more noteworthy than having HYPSM on your resume. Thousands attend those schools every year.
Tens (maybe hundreds) get the Jefferson/Morehead-Cain/AB Duke.

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This isn’t a close call. The Jefferson Scholarship is the easy choice. It’s not just tuition, room, & board, it’s the foreign travel experience, the internship, & the networking. This is a rare opportunity. Grab it.


Absolutely UVA. I’m a huge fan of the cohort scholarships. The experience is extra special.

Jefferson Scholar for sure! You get the total red carpet treatment at a world class university. Easy choice, IMO.

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Jefferson Scholar. Your 30 year-old self will never forgive your 18 year-old self if you pay for college.


A no brainer - Jefferson scholarship. UVA and UPenn are equivalent schools. The Jefferson Scholarship goes on your resume forever and in your obituary (a LONG time from now :blush:). Very prestigious. You can always do Ivy for grad/professional school.

UVA! Jeff scholars is amazing, congrats!