upload additional video to Dartmouth

Hello, I am about to finish my ED application to Dartmouth, and would like to know where to upload a 3 minute video I recorded and edited to introduce myself to AOs. but Cant find where to upload. apparently , there is a place to upload files, certificates, recognitions, but can’t load video files. I just sent an email to AOs, but not sure when they will able to reply.

It would be much appreciated that if someone can let me know!

Thank you!

There is a spot on the applicant portal to upload additional material. You’ll have access to your portal after submitting your app. I’m not sure if there was another spot you were thinking of but that one will definitely let you! Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks, Aghcollege.

Here is a list of supplemental materials that Dartmouth accepts:

Dartmouth does not ask for video portfolios, they only accep alumni interviews.

I would not recommend submitting a video, as you don’t want to inundate your AO with a ton of information, as they don’t have much time to review each application. However, I do strongly recommend interviewing with an alumni, if contacted by one. Make sure that everything you feel is a crucial part of your application is discussed in your writing supplement/alumni interview.

Okay! Great advice. thanks a lot
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