UR Class of 2026 Admissions

This thread is for the high school class of 2022 to discuss their Richmond applications. All questions and comments are welcome.


EA decisions should be coming out on Friday!:slight_smile:


Just guessing or did you hear that from the school?

We received an email from school.

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Hmm, my daughter didn’t get an email. Her application shows it is complete, and she sent her fall semester grades. This is a little concerning.

I got in! Finalist for Richmond scholars!


Is EA out?

I think so? I opened my portal and a video popped up. Maybe they let international students know first? Good luck!

Congrats!! Thank you!

nvm yes she did

My S22 hasn’t received an email yet! Anyone else not hear yet? He’s OOS (CA) - really hoping for a scholarship to make it possible, but guess he’s got to get an email first :crossed_fingers:

We didn’t get an email either.

email was for early action applicants

Just saw on Instagram they’re releasing decisions at 7:00 tonight…

soooo nervous!!!

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Anyone hear yet?

nooooooooo :scream:


Accepted daughter :slight_smile: very happy