Urgent! Email Attachments!

<p>Guys, fax-network not so good, and mostly outdated. Mail impossible now. So I wanted to send some art supplement and fee waiver request. Which of the following either opens email attachment or else has some portfolio to upload important files? Do help me.
1. Williams (no creative writing supplement)
2. Upenn
3. Lehigh
4. Trinity College, Conecticute
5. Duke U.
6. Brown U.
7. Hamilton College
8. Swarthmore College
9. Wabash
10. Middlebury
11. Grinell
12. Gettysburg
13. Lafayette.</p>

<p>email them and ask them if they are okay with opening attachments. Some colleges only want you to courier/fax stuff..
Couriers reach quite fast, why don't you do that? - They will only look at the postmark date anyways</p>

<p>Agree with AJ, it is not late at all.</p>

<p>When you send them by courier, it is fast, delivery is assured and you can track the package with the consignment number. Make sure the the envelope is addressed to the admissions office with phone number and zip code details. The postal addresses are available on each of these colleges websites.</p>

<p>And the deadline date is the postmark date.</p>

<p>isnt the deadline date the date of reaching of the application??</p>