URGENT-Please Chance An International Female For UT Dallas AES. Will chance back!

Hi I am from India and I want to know my chances for ut dallas aes scholarship.
My Stats-
SAT- M-680, CR-570 (I know they suck :frowning: )
My LORs are great. I got 1 from my english teacher who knows me personally and 1 from the head of the NGOs I worked for.

  1. Head girl of the school
  2. Valedictorian
  3. Travelled to different state alone to live there and teach under privileged children Science and English for 3 months.
  4. Worked for protecting stray animals-2 years
  5. Recorded audio books for students at blind school and visit them every weekend.-3 years
  6. Volunteered at old age home to spend time with them, read and talk to them- 6 years
  7. Self-taught guitar player. Played at community concerts and fund raisers for Girl child education.
  8. Work as a children counsellor for troubled kids-5 years
  9. Animal shelter worker and volunteer-2 years
  10. Taught mentally unstable kids. - 2 years
  11. Got scholarship for junior and senior year studies
  12. Certified Yoga teacher
  13. Trekked up to zero point in Kashmir, Only girl member in the team
  14. Clean Delhi campaign volunteer and working member.-2 year
  15. Direct Street plays for awareness about girl child awareness for an NGO.
  16. Self-taught Spanish
  17. C++ Tutor
  18. Know C, C++, JAVA, Python, SQL
  19. Worked for food drive to pick over left over food from functions and donate to homeless.
  20. NTSE Scholar
  21. School topper in computer science competition
  22. 1st position in regional chess championship
  23. Founded debate team
  24. Elected Class president for all 4 years of high school

That is it. My test scores are the only trouble… But my strength would be that I am a girl interested in Cs major and that I can code in all the above languages easily and efficiently.

AES Honors recipient here…

Here’s the thing - you’re extracurriculars, by any standards, are impressive.

BUT, UTD being a public state school, most of the emphasis will be based on test scores, although extracurriculars do play a part. Your SAT score is below the average of the lowest AES scholarship (which doesn’t mean it’s unattainable, just that if you do get a scholarship, you will probably get the Achievement one.)

When did you apply for UTD? Because applications are looked at as they come in, generally applying earlier will give you a better chance of a scholarship.

I applied quite late :frowning: Around 28 jan… But I have heard stories about many people with much lower score that got distinction scholarship. My mom is a single parent. And I have heard that UTD is quite generous if you appeal once to increase the award. It is my dream school. Do you know anyone who got an award with a lower score? I am a girl in Computer if that helps. I even wrote the essay :frowning: Please help. Also can the award be increased after 1 year at UTD. Thankyou for helping me out.

I’m not too familiar with how the financial aid office feels about appeals etc… but it wouldn’t hurt to try! You sound like you really want to get in, and hopefully that shows through your essay. I don’t know if you can increase the scholarship later - I would just call and ask.

There is something called the continuing students scholarship - http://oue.utdallas.edu/aes/other-aes-scholarships/

With that sat score normally you’d expect an achievement award but this year is mad competitive (i got achievement with 1490) .further your ECs are amazing, so IMO you can get the achievement scholarship.

Btw where did you hear that they are generous with re-reviewing requests?

ag1996, if you don’t mind me asking, what was your GPA/rank/ecs in addition to the 1490 SAT?

Like sakuraUTD , I too am from India but i don’t have GPA’s as such.
I got 91% (A grade) in the senior secondary examination.
School doesn’t give formal ranks but top 10% mentioned in counselor lor
ECs: student editor in chief , student council member, MUN(school level), soccer(school level,was in the national training camp but couldn’t go because had my SAT exam :cry: ) ,and some other fringe competitions at national level.

@4everEpical‌ did u ask them about it? Also I want to mention that I achieved 1st rank in my school and was also the president of computer club, quiz club and event management and vice president of chess club. I also played in district levels of badminton championship.

You should have applied to UT Austin. I applied to both school, got in utd but haven’t heard back yet from ut.

But my scores :frowning: They are really bad!

Your adding substandard ECs to the list dilutes it and highlights the genuine ones lesser than they should be. For example… 17, 18, 21 and quite a few others are pretty bogus and have a huge impact on your ECs in the minus. I sincerely hope that you filtered the list before sending it to the university.