Urgent Please Help

<p>ok...this is the problem...i am an international student and I want to go into the business world...so right now i have to choose between tufts and Boston university...should i go directly to BU´s business school and study business? or should study economics at Tufts and then probably do an MBA? My final intentions are probably to have business of my own and become an entrepeneur. Are tufts and BU wide apart in prestige and quality? And, also, since i will probably work in America or in a foreign country, do you think the vast popularity of Boston university is an important factor to consider? Because I know that Tufts is not so popular and many people in America haven´t heard of it. I just dont want to spend a lot of money and study a field in college, like IR, that I wont be working in after graduation, if i could start my business studies as an undergrad and work...please help !!!</p>

<p>They aren't that far apart in prestige but Tufts is more selective and harder to get into. Boston University may have more name recognition among commoners but in upper-circles everybody knows both schools well. </p>

<p>I visited BU and it was nice (urban environment). I havent seen Tufts.</p>