URGENT PLZ HELP [regarding courses]

<p>I'm in grade 11 right now, and my school offers 2 AP courses (AP econ and AP calc). Now my school's timetable is messed up and the only spot of adv. functions I can take is during AP econ, and I was just told that in order to take AP calc I need another pre-requisite (some prep course -.-).
Basically, I can't take AP econ and calc due to schedule conflict.
So with my full timetable, I don't think I can drop a course to take that prep course, unless I take English in summer school. </p>

<p>Now the real question is: Is taking English in summer school going to have a negative effect on my university application? Does not taking english in day school counts as "not taking the hardest courses"? How does US unis view summer school?</p>

<p>P.S. Would it be OK if I explained my situation to the unis? sighsss</p>

<p>Sorry, cant help you that much</p>

<p>However, from my knowledge, taking English in summer school is not super frowned upon, I know a few people who did it to accelerate their highschool careers and it didnt hurt them so far as I know</p>

<p>But I guess it’s known truth that taking English in summer school will result in a much higher mark (especially in my school), would that be something negative? Like taking the easy way out…</p>

<p>I personally wouldnt say so… Especially since you would be taking it out of necessity…</p>