URI Class of 2023 EA

Hi just starting a thread for anyone who applied EA for URI!
Good luck :slight_smile:

i applied EA for communications :slight_smile: does anyone know when we hear back?

i applied EA for Communications too!!!

I called the admissions office today. They said that EA decisions will be posted on the portal on MLK weekend, with a package to follow in the mail. Best of luck to all who applied!

Oh okay!! Yay!

Waiting on college decisions is agonizing! My daughter applied to URI Nursing. Good luck to everyone waiting to hear back. Hang in there.

Kind of glad to know that we have a while to wait so we can stop stressing!

Does anyone know if the portal updates too when the decisions are sent out or do we just hear back through the mail? Thank you & good luck to everyone!

Was that for a particular major, or all EA?

I thought all were supposed to come out on Januaryb15th

I read somewhere on these posts that it was suppose to come out in February around Presidents’ Day . Good luck everyone !

My daughter got an email today saying EA results will be released on 1/21.

does anyone know what time they will release decisions on monday?

I don’t know but we are on the edge of our seat! I read that URI defers a greater % on Early Action than they accept, so for those who don’t make it…a little encouragement that it may just be the “norm”.

@Husky0830 I just read the same thing!! 1200 out of 15000 !!! Last year crazy!

Any idea what time they release? Any insight on if they want better grades or more emphasis on SAT?

Decisions are posted! Accepted!

ACCEPTED!! However my letter of acceptance didn’t state what major I got into. I applied for Nursing. Is anyone else’s letter like that???

@gle4766 I am in the exact same position! got accepted but it never clearly stated if I was in for nursing. I’m hoping it’s good news since they didn’t say anything about not getting into first choice major in the letter. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the letter in the mail to know for sure

accepted ahhhh