URI Decisions/Discussion Class of 2025

Hey everyone! I was just talking with an admissions counselor and they said “Early Action applications should have an admission decision by the middle of January, but it may come a bit earlier. Just to give you a heads up on the timeline.” Decisions may be coming sooner than we think!!!

DD received an email today that answers will begin to be sent tomorrow 12/17…


Just got accepted!!!

Anyone know if Honors Program will be in the acceptance letter, or will come separately?

My acceptance letter did not address the Honors Program, so I’m assuming it comes later.

How were you notified??

Via email, got one about a status change for my application.

My daughter’s acceptance and scholarship letter was on the portal.

Yes got an email today! Accepted $35,000 scholarship!

do you mind saying what your stats were to get such a good scholarship. URI is one of my top schools, but I’ll really be needing a scholarship since I’m OOS

3.4W gpa (school does not do unweighted), 2 part time jobs, 2 clubs, 1 sport, no scores were submitted. Essay was focused on social media following, being gay, dealing with mental health.
Good luck!!!

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okay awesome!! thank you so much

Has anyone heard recently?

My daughter accepted today. Presidential award $44000.

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DS got an acceptance pamphlet last week. He was accepted through the portal on 12/17.

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D accepted to International Studies program, 60k Presidential scholarship!
We are still waiting to hear from 2 more schools but URI is probably our top choice.
What majors/programs is everyone else pursuing?

Congratulations! Was your scholarship $35,000 per year?

When your decision was posted in the portal did you get an email telling you that there has been an update?

D got an email telling her there was an update to her status and to check the portal.

FYI all students who are finalists for the Thomas Ryan scholarship have been notified by phone by this time. (My student was not one of them.)

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