URI-Regular Decision Acceptances!

Let’s post them with stats as they roll in- anyone heard yet?

Son just accepted!
College of engineering,
1200 SAT’s
3.4 Unweighted GPA
Honors and AP classes
Varsity athlete 4 years, captain this year, year round athlete
Other EC’s, community service hours
He’s very excited and will attend URI!!!

Congrats! My daughter is anxiously awaiting. They asked for her mid-year grades so she’s very nervous!

Keeping fingers crossed for your daughter!

Unfortunately, she got wait listed BUT she got into College of Charleston! She’s disappointed but is still keeping her fingers crossed - what got her mad is that another student from her high school got in but she had a lower GPA but higher SAT and she’s not even considering URI - has already committed to UDel. My daughter only applied to the colleges that she really wanted to get in. I told her “that’s life” :slight_smile:

@mom2dd would you happen to know if financial aid is still available off the waitlist?