Ursinus College Class of 2025 Discussion Thread

Daughter got 40k scholarship from Ursinus but still leave 30k from us for her to go there.

At least Ursinus is almost inline with instate COA.

Seems like no matter what you do college is 25-30K. We lucked out with my high stat daughter. Stockton isl ike 30K n state and used to have a Presidents award of 9K a semester bringing cost down to 12.


Congrats !!!

12K/year is great. We also applied to our instate UMD and hope our D can get in with good scholarship to bring the cost down.

Son applied to Stockton, but with Covid their merit is way down I am hearing. They took all the scholarships off of their web site when they went test optional.

Did your S applied to schools that often give good merit aids for high stat students ? South Carolina, Alabama or Arizona ?

He doesnt want to go that far away. And he is like a 3.7 GPA 1160 SAT from Jr year and was unable to retake so he has been going test optional. All of these schools found him via his Twitter/Hudl videos for football. I think I would actually prefer he plays a sport to keep him structured, he seems to do better in school when he has a lot going on.

My daughter was over a 4.0 unweighted, in the top 5 and 1440 SAT or something like that, automatically qualifying her for the Pres scholarship at Stockton, which wasn’t her first choice but made the most economic sense considering she wants to get a PHD, her undergrad was almost free.

I mean he wants to play football too, but for different reasons LOL