Ursinus College Class of 2025 Discussion Thread

My D applied to Ursinus College and waiting for decision.

Starting this thread for discussion relating to admission and related topics.

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Thanks for setting this thread up. On pins and needles waiting for EA decision to be released.


Welcome !!!

We are also anxious to hear from Ursinus College decision hopefully soon. Their website indicated mid December but hopefully we hear from them sooner.

My son is waiting for Ursinus also. Weidner, McDaniel and Albright have already accepted him . All were recruiting him for football.

Good luck to your son !!!

Any idea on decision date?

What we got so far is mid December. We are hoping that UC will release the decisions this week-end.

Good luck !

EA decision on the portal for my daughter!

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Thank you for sharing!!

Just checked portal and My D got accepted to Ursinus College. Yay !!!

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If cost of Ursinus College and Temple are the same, which school would you choose? and why ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

@ttb1263, Depends on what you are looking for. Temple is a state school, way bigger (better networking), D1 sports, but its surrounding area is quite dangerous (robberies, shootings, crime). Ursinus is small, kind of tight-knit LAC, very focused on the students and in a safer area.

But it’s difficult to compare the two because they are really very different experiences. Everyone I know who went to either school has had good things to say about them.

One of my kids would choose Temple, another would choose Ursinus. Both are good choices. Good luck!

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Ursinus over Temple. With everything going on in the world, keep your kid out of center city. The area around Temple is a bad area. Ursinus will give individualized attention and is money better spent.


@OceanIsle and @JCPennsylvannia

Thank you both for great insights. From what I heard, Ursinus is a good school that well prepare kids for med schools. Temple was high on D’s list but with less merit, it less desirable now. Due to Covid, we haven’t been able to visit any schools yet. Planning to take D to do a weekly tour in March to some of the schools but we will see if it’s possible by then,

Yes, I know someone currently in med school who graduated from Ursinus a few years ago. He was a very high-stat kid who chose Ursinus over other schools available to him. I also know two attorneys (now in their 40s) who went to Ursinus and both enjoyed their experiences there.

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The area around Temple is much nicer now, from what I hear.


Thank you.

S was accepted with $35k merit which puts it in the affordable pile. He just read the email today but apparently received the email Wednesday.

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Congratulations to your son.

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Son got in, Ursinus and Albright actually had the strongest FA packages so far.

As far as Temple, I would say it depends on the kid. My daughter is not “street smart” at all and I would never send her there (we ended up sticking her in the middle of the Pine Barrens at Stockton LOL), but my son is, and would likely fit in anywhere. Collegeville Vs North Philly is like comparing apples to pickup trucks LOL

He really likes McDaniel so hopefully they are in line with everyone else.