US Applicant to UK Schools

Anyone done this recently deal with submitting “predicted grades”? Did guidance counselor provide? Was it for each class or just the AP Exams?


@collegemom3717 can give plenty of info

The GC or whoever does the LOR does the Predictions, and it’s only for the APs being taken this year. Predictions are needed for every test being taken, even if not relevant to the course (eg, math for someone applying to study English or vv).

Although you can make guesses as to which are likely to matter most, or be part of an offer, the predictor & the student need to be aware that the uni can choose whatever combinations of predictions & already achieved AP scores (if any) they want for an offer, and failing to achieve the required marks is likely to mean losing the offer.

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Thank you.

Counselor already submitted the LOR, which must have been lacking that information.

Do they still mean only APs if the request says:

“Can you confirm which subjects (with predictions) you will be studying in Year 12 of high school.”



Thank you!