USC 2024 Appeals

Hi! I was wondering if anybody who has been previously gotten their appeal accepted could give me some advice. Thank youuuu

My son is also looking for an advice for appealing.

USC was his dream
School! Can anyone please help!

I suggest reviewing last year’s thread as a starting point…

I’m appealing too!! Does anyone know how many students usually appeal to USC and how many they accept?

I’m appealing too! I put my major as architecture but is it okay to appeal as a business or undeclared major in the statement?

Does anyone know if additional letters of recommendation are allowed with the appeal?

I’m also c/o ‘24! I’m appealing as well good luck

I am appealing too. Good luck to everyone!

I am also wondering: if your appeal is accepted, does USC still provide financial aid to you?

I am also appealing - sent in my letter last night! USC was my dream school so I’m giving it one last shot :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure only 30-50 (or even less) out of 1,000 are overturned for everyone asking.

-I am appealing for SCA film production for funsies and expect nothing nor would it matter now that I have cleared my perspective.
@Erventa I recommend you or your child review the rejection letter and scroll down for the requirements. It is stated that no additional letters will be taken and you can only write one appeal, no additional letters after that.

Does anyone know if…

  1. being accepted binds you to accept it like some CLOI are
  2. being accepted you are considered for FA like any other accepted applicant?


As I understand it…

  1. No
  2. Yes

hey guys just wondering who do we send out our appeal letter to?

and i was wondering if they usually respond to the appeal letters

You upload it on your portal. See below…

Admission Appeal

Click here to submit your Appeal of Admission Decision letter.

Hey! do we specify the major we want to study @usc in our appeal letter

How long should the appeal be?

If you were offered to take part in the Trojan Transfer Program, do you still recommend appealing? I want to prove to USC that I am a determined student…but I’m also scared that I might come off as desperate…am I overthinking this? Thank you.