USC Application & Drug Infraction

Hey all CCers

I am submitting this inquiry on behalf of a friend who is applying to USC. According to him, there is a field on the 2nd part of the application that asks if the applicant has had any infractions other than traffic violations. Unfortunately, my friend was charged with ‘illegal possession of marijuana’ (which actually belonged to one of the passengers of his vehicle) after a routine traffic stop. Should this really be considered an infraction seeing as it stemmed from a traffic violation and he is not guilty of arson or the likes? If he were to not comment or not put the possession down as an infraction, does he run the risk of rejection because he “lied” on his application? Does anyone believe USC actually does a background check on applicants or know if they even have the authority to? I personally wasn’t there at the time the violation occurred and I think it sucks he took one for the team and that it would affect his chances at a college. :confused:

Thank you for any input. =)

<p>That is more than a minor traffic infraction and should be reported. He should write an essay about why it wasn't his fault/explaining the situation and it probably won't be much of a negative. However, not declaring it is a big no-no.</p>

<p>Thanks amdandrew. I spoke with my friend just now and he said the judge ordered him to take a course on the "evils of drugs and alcohol" to have the drug possession charge dropped from his record. Only the state court system has access to the possession charge record now. Does what you responded with before apply now? :X Thanks to all who reply.</p>

<p>If I'm not mistaken, in California posession of less than one ounce is only an infraction anyway. It is not serious; I think you only pay a fine or something. I know that is not what you asked and unfortunately I dont know the answer. Good luck to your friend.</p>

<p>In addition, the charge should be completely removed from his record when he reaches the age of 18 (supposedly) on Jan 10th (which happens to be the deadline for the USC application). Keep those replys up. :)</p>

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<p>I dunno...I'd report it just to be safe, on the one hand, but on the other hand, I don't know how seriously adcoms view drug infractions. They must know that drugs are rampant on their campuses, and even if people haven't gotten caught, they probably still have it. So realistically, it shouldn't be that big a deal. Admissions-wise, I have no idea. I'd still say state it, because lying on an application is a definite problem.</p>

<p>If his record will be clear at 18, and he will be 18 or older when admitted, why, oh why, would you ever report such a thing? If there is no just cause, they will never look up criminal records on anyone. And if they do for any reason, his record will already by clean.</p>

<p>If it is wiped from his record then he will be off scot-free once it is removed.</p>

<p>Besides, it's just weed.</p>