USC Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Does anyone know the date of convocation?

LAX. You can use the uber or lyft calculator for estimate.


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Depending on where you are coming from, Long Beach Airport is another option.

So… right now I feel like the fish at the end of Finding Nemo “Now What?”
My D committed, do we now await our next direction? When do we apply for loans etc? Omgeee so fish out of water!

Now is the relaxed breathing period, you have time for everything. However, she should be signing up for orientation soon. Did she get an invite for that after she committed? Not sure what schedule they are on, probably in madness mode with graduation coming up for them and being in person!

For loans, you can start researching options now, but there is a lot of time. If doing something like Parent Plus, they have a quick turn around, you really don’t need to do them till about a month (or even a couple weeks) before due.

Another thing she can be doing is be getting familiar with requirements for her major and look at schedule of classes to get an idea what she wants to take. I know one of mine had their 4 year plan mapped out two days after getting her acceptance ha. She also ended up changing majors about 5 times so that initial plan didn’t mean much, but she did get really famliar with courses and how registration works, etc. Your D should be able to do a “dummy” schedule online.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. But the race is over. :slight_smile:

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Is anyone else concerned about this announcement on the USC Housing page?

Update on 2021-2022 Housing Assignments for Freshmen and Undergraduates

At this time the USC Housing assignment process for the 2021-2022 academic year is on hold pending final guidance from Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) officials on the capacity and configurations of housing we will be allowed to offer this fall. While we are planning on, and looking forward to, normal operations in the Fall, there are still no guarantees that USC Housing will be able to offer assignments at all or in part to any category of students.

USC Housing will communicate updated plans to all applicants regarding our assignments timeline as soon as the information is available and confirmed. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding with this delay.

Thank you

USC Housing

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I think it’s a formality, everything is going in the right direction. It would be crazy difficult to undo or change housing assignments once they are done, it is way easier to delay them. It makes a lot of sense to me. They may also be lining up housing options (as USC owns a lot of real estate around campus) incase of limits in things like suites.

They will be doing their best to get freshman and sophomores that want to live on campus assigned, I think everything else would be up in the air well behind those like transfers, upperclassman; honors housing may have some adjustments made…(which rumors are it is likely to be cut as a perk in the not to distant future anyway since most kids at USC are honors students.)

I know it sounds alarming, but compared to what last year’s freshman went through, this doesn’t seem to be a big deal. It just seems like a delay in decisions that will get resolved in the next several weeks.


However, if I were an upperclassman or transfer, I would be looking at outside housing pretty quickly.


Does anyone know how health insurance for incoming students will work? I’m hoping to keep my D on our health insurance but as Pittsburghers I worry that any care she requires at USC will be “out of network.” Do out-of-staters need to sign up for USC’s student health insurance to avoid this problem? Thanks for any thoughts people might have.

We are in CA, so we waived the health insurance fee because our PPO covers the services at the USC Health Center and outside services when needed. I would think it depends on your insurance and perhaps @WWWard can comment as their students are out of staters. I just wanted to point out that waiving the health insurance each year is an option. If out of network, it may be worth having the USC coverage on top, but can’t specifically address that.

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Even if you opt out of health insurance, you will still need to pay a Health Fee each semester.

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Edited my post to say health insurance, versus fee to be more clear, thanks!

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Hope you are right! Wondering if you know if the county has a positive working relationship with USC and other LA universities?

In our case, coming from Florida, we went ahead and opted to use the school’s insurance program for that reason. But you can certainly keep your existing insurance if you and they are confident in how it would function in L.A. I would first inquire with your existing provider to see.

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Does a rising sophomore transfer student who is already admitted and completed their housing application receive significantly lower priority than a non-transfer rising sophomore?

I recognize the time stamp on the application is different but was wondering where the expected cutoff is in terms of level setting expectations.

In other words:

  • True Frosh (guaranteed housing)
  • Rising Soph (very likely)
  • Rising Soph transfer already admitted (unlikely)
  • Rising Soph transfer still pending admissions (very remote chance)
  • All others (no chance)

Is that reasonably accurate?

Thanks for responses to my original post. In case anyone is still wondering about student health insurance from out-of-state, here’s some more information, courtesy of USC Student Health Insurance Waiver Requirements | USC Student Health

USC Student Health Insurance Waiver Requirements

If you are covered by a comprehensive insurance plan meeting the University’s requirements, you may submit a request to waive or opt-out of the USC Student Health Insurance Plan. Our health insurance department will review your waiver request and send approval or denial to your USC email address within 30 days.

Students taking courses at our UPC or HSC campuses must have coverage that is comprehensive with no major exclusions and has in-network providers (hospital and doctors) in the Los Angeles area

Some reasons why you may not be granted a waiver:
• Your plan may be an out-of-state plan with regional coverage only (i.e.HMO or EPO)…

Do the students only take 4 classes per semester instead of the typical 5? Are the classes more intensive?

Undergraduate students can take 12-18 units per semester at the same tuition cost, so many choose to maximize that via their schedule. Slightly more may be possible at the same cost if the student qualifies via a certain honors designation.