USC Transfer Decisions 2010 OFFICIAL THREAD

<p>USC Transfer Decisions 2010 OFFICIAL THREAD </p>


<p>I have decided to start this thread, so others can look during this year and following years and see what the stats were for those who got in and those who didn't, and can have a sort of starting point of determining their chances. I am doing this simply because I found last year's thread useful, and hope that I can contribute to this year's thread not only for those applying this year, but also for those applying in future years.</p>

<p>ONLY STATISTICS: Accepted, Rejected, or SGR ONLY!!!!!!
ANY discussions or questions should be posted HERE USC 2010 transfer thread</p>

<p>WARNING: The following is copied and pasted VERBATIM from last year's post: all credit for it goes to einna!!!!!!!!!

<p>Use the format below. Copy and paste, then take out the spaces after each left-bracket --> [</p>


<p>Copy and Paste the following into your post. Choose one from the top three (accepted, rejected, SGR). Take out the space after each left-bracket!</p>

<p>[ size=+2][ color=green][ b]Accepted - SCHOOL/MAJOR[ /b][ /color][ /size]
[ size=+2][ color=orange][ b]Spring Grade Request - SCHOOL/MAJOR[ /b][ /color][ /size]
[ size=+2][ color=red][ b]Rejected - SCHOOL/MAJOR[ /b][ /color][ /size]</p>

<p>[ b]Stats:[ /b][ list]
[ *] College transferring from:
[ *] Entering as:
[ *] GPA:
[ *] Units completed:
[ *] Units in progress:
[ *] Pre-reqs completed:
[ *] GEs completed:
[ /list][ b]Subjective:[ /b][ list]
[ *] ECs listed on app:
[ *] Job/Work Experience:
[ *] Essays (subject and responses):
[ *] Letters of Recommendation:
[ /list][ b]Other:[ /b][ list]
[ *] Other schools applied to:
[ *] Comments:
[ /list]</p>


<p>Which should look like this:</p>

<p>Accepted - CLAS: English</p>

College transferring from: Marshmallow CC
Entering as: junior
GPA: 4.0
Units completed: 58
Units in progress: 12
Pre-reqs completed: all done
GEs completed: all done except for Basket-Weaving 1
ECs listed on app: Hospital Volunteer, rescused a kitten from a tree
Job/Work Experience: 40 hours a week at the Crayola factory
Essay: Did them the night before, wrote about my undying devotion to Celine Dion. I'd say it was a pretty good essay.
Letters of Recommendation: Sparkling!
Other schools applied to: none
Comments: I'm stoked, yay!</p>

<p>There was an official 2010 transfer decisions thread created a while back in the transfers forum which I'd suggest you use instead:</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>